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Surname Parslay - Meaning and Origin

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Parslay: What does the surname Parslay mean?

The last name Parslay is of French origin and has generally been Anglicized as Parslow, Parsell, Parsley, and Parsly. It is a topographic surname derived from the Old French word parslee, which means 'at the level.' This refers to an individual who lived at or near a level area, such as a meadow or flatland. In some cases, it could have also referred to someone living near a small lake or pond, as these would have been level with the surrounding land.

In the early 1500s, Parslay was a common surname in France, where it was used to refer to individuals living in or near coastal or low-lying areas; it was less common in other parts of Europe. During the 15th century, the Parslay family can be traced to the southwestern region of France, where it was mainly used as a patronymic (describes a person with a certain surname that is passed on from father or mother).

The surname Parslay has been found in records from the 15th century onwards. Many members of this surname remained in France, but some immigrated to other parts of Europe and to the United States. Members of this family still live in North America, and individuals with this surname are part of the growing French-American community.

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Parslay: Where does the name Parslay come from?

The Parslay surname is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. It is an anglicized form of the German name Pörzler, which is derived from the Old German word “pürzl,” meaning bridge.

Though today the surname is most common in the United States and Canada, it was brought to the new world by early German immigrants. Records of the first Parslay to arrive in North America date back to the 1740s, with certain branches of the family settling in Ontario, Canada, as well as Pennsylvania and Maryland in the United States.

In the early 20th century, more Parslays moved to California, with some extending to Oregon, Washington, and Texas. The majority of the Parslay family still remains in the southern and western region of these states, though some descendants may have since ventured away and the surname is spread throughout the entire country.

Today, the Parslay name is still associated with German heritage – many descendants still embrace their heritage with cultural activities, such as special dances, festivals, or German-influenced cuisine. Many Parslay family members in the United States may not speak German but still identify with it and hold close to their roots.

Variations of the surname Parslay

The surname Parslay is quite uncommon and is found primarily in England and the United States. Some of the variant spellings and other surnames with the same origin include:










In some cases, the surname may also be spelled: Parsleye, Parslea, Pazley, Parslie, Pazler, Parslee, Parsleigh, and Parselo.

The surname Parslay is believed to have originated from several distinct Anglo-Saxon personal names--Parsewell, Parsel, Parsell, and Pierslea. Parslay could have evolved from one of these translated forms, particularly Parsewell, which could have derived from the Old English word Perswaella meaning "entreaty" or "intercession." In some cases, however, the surname may be derived from Pierslea, which itself was likely derived from the given name Percival.

The Parslay surname is believed to date back to a small town called Parslay in the Middle Ages, around the time when last names began to be used regularly in England. It was then that many people adopted the town name as a surname.

In the United States, the surname Parslay is most commonly found in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, California, and Illinois.

Throughout its history, the surname Parslay has remained rare and relatively uncommon, although with over 4,000 Parslay's listed in the United States today it is slowly growing.

Famous people with the name Parslay

  • Robert Parslay: A Hungarian actor who has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as the 2002 film "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams".
  • Michael Parslay: The former CEO and President of the US-based Kraft Foods, from 2007 to 2012.
  • Donald Parslay: An American actor and vocalist.
  • Matthew Parslay: American musical artist and artist.
  • Becky Parslay: A well-known American figure skater, who won the bronze medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
  • Wesley Parslay: A former member of the United States House of Representatives from 1957 to 1969, who previously served in the United States Air Force during WWII.
  • Brenda Parslay: A British writer of children's literature, best known for the book series The Outer Limits.
  • Tammy Parslay: An American actress who has appeared in a variety of independent films, as well as television shows.
  • Christina Parslay: A Hungarian fashion designer, whose work has been featured on the runways of Paris, London, and Milan.
  • Hal Parslay: A former NFL wide receiver and current college football coach.

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