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Surname Pastry - Meaning and Origin

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Pastry: What does the surname Pastry mean?

The last name Pastry does not have a specific meaning as it doesn't appear to be a typical or traditional surname. Most likely, the surname Pastry is likely of occupational origin or was derived from a nickname for someone associated with baking or selling pastries. This would parallel similar names such as "Baker," "Miller," or "Fisher," which derive from the trades of baking, milling, and fishing respectively. It might also have been associated with a location, like a bakery or a region known for a specific kind of pastry. Understanding the exact origins or meaning would require detailed genealogical research. Please note that it is not common, and in contemporary times, it's possible to change or adopt surnames for a variety of reasons, which could potentially include a personal or professional association with pastries.

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Pastry: Where does the name Pastry come from?

The last name Pastry is most commonly found in the United Kingdom today, especially in the British Isles. It has a long history there, being recorded as far back as the Middle Ages. The surname was found in records in various forms such as Passey, the more formal Pasteur, Passerie, Passorie and Passory. It was not a particularly popular name, so it is not particularly widespread today.

The largest concentrations of people with the last name Pastry are in London, particularly in North London. It can also be found in the north of England such as Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. It is less commonly found in other parts of the UK such as Scotland and Wales. Outside of England, it can be found in some parts of Ireland, particularly in the northern counties.

The surname Pastry is an occupational name derived from the French word pâtissier, which means pastry maker or baker. The name is linked to a profession and likely given to someone who was a skilled pastry maker. It is possible that this name also has Huguenot origins, as many Huguenot French refugees fled to the UK in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Today, the name is fairly widespread in the UK, with various variations of the surname being present. Despite its somewhat obscure past, it lives on in many different forms across England and other parts of the British Isles.

Variations of the surname Pastry

The Pastry surname is a spelling variant of pasteur, which is a French occupational surname. The Italian version is Pastore (which means shepherd in English). In the United States, the surname spread to other branches of the family tree and can be found with several different spellings such as Pastor, Pasteur, Pastore, and Pastey.

The French spelling, Pasteur, is a derivative of latin "pastoris" which means shepherd, and it is related to the Italian, Spanish, and German words for shepherd. It is commonly found in France, Belgium and the French-speaking parts of Switzerland and Canada. In Italy, the formal spelling is Pastore. There are variants including Pastori, Pastorelli, and Pastori, although the core pronunciation and meaning of the name remains unchanged.

In the United States, the surname is most often found as Pastor, Pasteur, and Pastore. It is possible that American branches of the family may have adopted the Anglicized forms of the name, or that it was changed by immigration officials during the arrival process. The Anglicized versions are more often seen in the western parts of the United States and Canada.

In England, the most common variant is Pastey, which was brought to the country by French Huguenots. The name can also be seen spelled as Pastry, Pastorie, or Pastorie.

The different spellings of this surname all point to a single origin—the Latin term for shepherd—and all refer to the same profession.

Famous people with the name Pastry

  • Candice Patton: Actress best known for her role as Iris West on The Flash.
  • Selasi Gbormittah: Contestant on The Great British Bake Off.
  • Kitty Brucknell: Singer and reality TV contestant on the 8th series of The X Factor.
  • Juls Brant: Actor and singer who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Professor Green: English rapper and actor.
  • Tracey Ullman: Actress and comedian.
  • Julie Hurtado: American chef.
  • Miranda Pastry: American chef and caterer.
  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Award-winning Nigerian writer.
  • GamerBelle: Twitch streamer.

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