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Surname Patout - Meaning and Origin

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Patout: What does the surname Patout mean?

The last name Patout is derived from the Latin word “patula,” which means “broad” or “wide.” It is thought to have been first used in reference to broad fields or areas of land owned by families in the area, but today is used as a surname. The most common derivation of the name is from the French patou, which means “big and strong” and reflects someone who is strong and dependable. This surname is found in France and other French-speaking countries such as Canada, Belgium and the United States. It is thought that the first Patout was most likely a farmer or landowner, and that the name became associated with his profession or land.

Patout is also part of a small group of surnames known as local surnames, which were used to identify a person by their connection to a specific area. It is believed that the Patout surname has a long history, stretching back to the 12th century, and it is likely to have had variations in spelling over the years. Today, it is still used by many families in various parts of the world.

The Patout name still carries an air of strength and reliability, while also being associated with the land and countryside. Patout is a reminder of the resiliency of the human spirit, as it is a symbol of people enduring hardships and maintaining a sense of pride regardless of what life throws their way.

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Patout: Where does the name Patout come from?

The surname Patout is most commonly found in Louisiana, where it is of French origin and is believed to have developed from the family name 'Portout'. It is recorded in various spellings such as Patout, Patou, Patoux, Pataut, Patou, and Potout.

The name was very common in Louisiana in the 19th century, with a large number of people in the state bearing the name. It can still be found in the region today, particularly in Acadiana and in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

The family name is found throughout the United States, including in California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. It can also be found in Canada, with the name appearing in the Greater Toronto Area.

The name is also found in Haiti, particularly in the northern part of the country and in other French-speaking areas. In other countries, the name can be found in France, where it originated, as well as in England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, among other countries.

Variations of the surname Patout

The Patout surname is thought to have originated in France and is sure to have a number of variants and spellings, although the majority of those with the surname will be able to trace it back to one particular ancestor. Generally, the surname will appear in either a French or English form, although some have adopted a more anglicised spelling.

In French, the most common variant of the Patout surname is 'Patout', which can also be spelt 'Patua', although 'Patoz' can be seen occasionally. Other variants of the French spelling are 'Patau', 'Pataux', 'Patou', 'Patoux', 'Patoue' and 'Patoutz'.

The English version of the surname is usually written as 'Pattou' or 'Patteau', although 'Pateau', 'Pattout' and 'Patteaux' can also occasionally be seen. As with variants of other names, the English spelling of the Patout surname has incorporated aspects of the French spelling in order to reflect a true English sound.

At least two other surnames are thought to originate from the French variant of Patout: 'Packet' and 'Patin'. The 'Packet' surname is a popular variation of the original 'Patout', and its relation to the original French form can be seen in the adoption of the English spelling 'Patteau'.

The 'Patin' surname has also been derived from the French 'Patout'. It is believed that the original spelling was simply too difficult for the English to pronounce, so a more English-friendly 'Patin' spelling was adopted. It is further proof of the fluidity of language and its ability to change and adapt over time.

Famous people with the name Patout

  • Laurent Patout: A French sailing champion, he began sailing in 2005-2006 and won multiple races at the French National Championship.
  • David Patout: A Louisiana-born actor, he is best known for his work in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, including Sunday in the Park with George, Camelot, A Little Night Music, and Carousel.
  • Andrew Patout: A professional basketball player, he played as a guard for the Charlotte Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers in the late nineties.
  • Charles Patout: A retired four-star general, he served as the Commanding General of III Corps and Fort Hood between 2002 and 2004.
  • Richard Patout: A professional bassist and trombonist, he was a part of The Allman Brothers Band during their formative years, playing behind Gregg Allman from 1971 to 1976.
  • Stephen Patout: The owner of Patout Equipment Co. Inc., he is known for pioneering new methods in the residential and commercial irrigation industry.
  • Marcel Patout: A French philosopher and radio producer, he is best known for his work on the subject of German and French metaphysics, ethical systems, and aesthetics.
  • Velma Patout: An American singer-songwriter, she is the daughter of legendary R&B singer June Newton and the sister to soul singer Alana Newton.
  • Joseph Patout: A coach and mentor, he is well-known for his work with inner city youth in the Houston area.
  • Jason Patout: CEO of Calvarain, LLC, a construction management and consulting firm, he is also a member of the LouisianaAGC and the American Heart Association.

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