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Surname Paule - Meaning and Origin

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Paule: What does the surname Paule mean?

The surname Paule has multiple possible origins. Predominantly, it is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name “Mac Phàil”, which means "son of Paul". Paul is derived from the Latin “Paulus”, meaning "small" or "humble", so the surname Paule may also convey this sense of humility. In French, Paule is a feminine version of Paul. This surname is most commonly found in England, France, and Germany. Like most surnames, specific meanings can differ based on geographic origins and histories. It's also important to remember that surnames had a practical purpose to distinguish people in the same community, so while they often have meanings related to occupations, descriptions, or familial relationships, not all surnames have a significant or symbolic “meaning” beyond that initial usage.

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Paule: Where does the name Paule come from?

The last name Paule is most commonly found today in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and France. In particular, Paule is a popular surname in Louisiana and multiple cities in France such as Bordeaux and Paris.

In the United States, Paule is considered to be of French origin. There are many different spellings of the name including Paule, Paul, and Paules. According to the US Census Bureau, the Paule name has ranked among the top 1,000 surnames in the United States over the years, dropping significantly in the last two decades. It tends to primarily be found in the South and Midwest. As of the most recent 2020 census, the Paule name was the 1,615th most frequent surname in the US.

In France, Paule is a very popular name throughout the country. Several variations of the name or surnames derived from it are also found. In 2020, the Paule surname ranked as the 780th most common. As in the United States, Paule is an old Huguenot name that likely resulted from French people fleeing religious persecution in the 17th century.

In Canada and Mexico, Paule is a much less common surname than it is in the United States and France. However, it does exist in both countries, particularly in the more populated cities and provinces.

Variations of the surname Paule

The surname Paule (also spelled Paul or Paules) is a French and Catalan surname that suggests origin from the Latin name Paulus, which in turn is derived from the Latin word "paulus" meaning small or humble. In addition to Paule, Paul and Paules, the surname may also be spelled in various other ways, including the common variants: Powel, Powell, Powles, Poule, Poul, Poull, Pouleau, Paulelle, Paulin, Paull, Paulley, Poulin, and Poulette.

In France, “Paule” is a surname first found in the continent in the southwest region of Gironde. It is derived from the Latin name Paulus and was most likely a diminutive of the same name, which means “small” or “humble” in Latin.

In Catalan, the surname typically is spelled "Pauli" and is believed to have been derived from the regions of Catalonia and Aragon in Spain. The Catalan form of the name can also be spelled using "o," such as Pauol or Pauols.

In England, the name is spelled "Pawle" or "Paull," and is usually derived from the Old French word "paul" and Latin word “paulus,” meaning “little” and “humble.” The English version of the surname is most likely derived from a medieval French form of the same name.

In the United States, the surname has also taken on many variations, such as Paulson, Paulette, Paulson, Paullus, Paulin, Paulman, and Pawlik.

In sum, the surname Paule is a French and Catalan surname that is typically taken from the Latin word “paulus” meaning “small” or “humble” and is spelled many different ways depending on its origin or current region where it is found. Variations of the surname include Powel, Powell, Powles, Poule, Poul, Poull, Pouleau, Paulelle, Paulin, Paull, Paulley, Poulin, Poulette, Pauli, Pauol, Pauols, Pawle, Paull, Paulson, Paulette, Paulson, Paullus, Paulin, Paulman, and Pawlik.

Famous people with the name Paule

1.Kara Paule: American television personality who is best known for appearing on the show Big Brother. 2.Brian Paule: former American football defensive end who played nine seasons in the National Football League. 3.Keith Paule: former Major League Baseball relief pitcher who played for the Chicago White Sox. 4.Hilmar Paule: former German international footballer who played as a midfielder during his career. 5.Kerstin Paule: German opera singer who has been a member of the Bavarian State Opera since 2003. 6.A.J. Paule: American journalist and author who has written a number of books about the financial markets. 7.Von Paule: German artist and illustrator who specializes in depicting natural phenomena. 8.Primo Paule: Canadian musician and member of the rock and country band, The Zac Brown Band. 9.Doug Paule: American actor and stunt performer who has been featured in films such as Hostel 2 and Sin City. 10.Armin Paule: German Olympic bronze medalist in fencing who competed in the 1972 Summer Games.

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