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Surname Payerl - Meaning and Origin

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Payerl: What does the surname Payerl mean?

The last name Payerl is a German surname. It is derived from the old German term "Pahr," meaning "clearing" or "place to buy and sell." The term was commonly used as a locational name for people who lived near plots of land cleared for crop cultivation. Although Payerl is a rare name, it was common mainly in the regions of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse in Germany.

Payerl is usually associated with the color red, since it was initially used as a way of indicating nobility in the Köln region of Germany during the Middle Ages. Red velvet, which was extremely expensive at the time, was used to designate the owner of a certain castle or estate as a nobleman. The term "Pahr" was added to the name to indicate that the holder of the estate was of even more significant stature than the average nobleman, as the proof of ownership was shown through this red velvet.

The original meaning of Payerl is often lost in translation when used in other countries. However, it remains a unique and unusual name that likely originated in Germany, since its use has diminished in the centuries since its introduction.

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Payerl: Where does the name Payerl come from?

Payerl is a surname that is believed to have originated in Germany. It is a Germanic surname derived from the name Bayer, which means "farmer". The name Payerl is most common in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States today. In Austria, especially in the Vienna region, Payerl is a very common name and appears in records from the 1800s. In Germany, the Payerl name is concentrated in the Black Forest area, close to the Swiss border. In Switzerland, the name is less common, but there are notable instances from the 1500s. In the United States, the surname was brought to the country by immigrants originating from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the late 1800s through early 1900s. The largest concentrations of the Payerl name can be found in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The surname Payerl has been frequently discussed in relation to a western Pennsylvania family from the 1700s to the present. The Payerl family played a significant role in promoting the growth of the area, as they were involved in multiple occupations. The family's ancestral home in Pennsylvania is now a bed & breakfast, displaying the family's influence on the area.

The Payerl surname can also be found in multiple books and publications, such as genealogy and family tree books. It may also be found in databases of tax and census records from the 1800s. Overall, the surname Payerl is most common in Germany, Austria, and the United States today.

Variations of the surname Payerl

The surname Payerl has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin across different regions and language systems. In German-speaking regions, the surname is often spelled Payrle, Payerle, Pajerl, or Piererl and is thought to originate from the Old High German root *paigar, meaning “rock.” This root can be seen in the modern word “Fels”, meaning “rock” or “cliff.”

In English-speaking regions, the surname is often spelled Payler, Peyler, Pailer, Papalier, or Pedler and is thought to come from the Anglo-Norman peillar or peler, which means “to plunder” or “to steal.”

In Scandinavia, the surname is often spelled Pâllar, Pellar, Pellar, or Pällar and is thought to originate from the Proto-Germanic root *palhaz meaning “to wander.” This root can be seen in the modern words “pilgrim” and “pilgrimage.”

Other variants include the Russian/Slavic Pavlakov, the Greek Papallys, and the Hungarian Pállas. Many of the same surnames can also be found in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, and Poland with slight spelling variations such as Paler or Palarov.

Though many of the same surnames can be found in different regions and language systems, each region has its own unique spelling and etymology. In all cases, the surname is believed to have a sense of either “rock,” “plunder,” or “wander” as its origin.

Famous people with the name Payerl

  • Matt Payerl: Professional Ice Hockey Player
  • Hugo Payerl: Late Austrian Painter
  • Karl Payerl: Austrian Author and Playwright
  • Klaus Payerl: Austrian Snowskater
  • Emanuel Payerl: Late Austrian Musician and Composer
  • Josephine Payerl: Austrian Model
  • Evelyn Payerl: German Photographer
  • Ferdinand Payerl: Late Austrian Painter
  • Jutta Payerl: German Olympic Fencer
  • Vincent Payerl: Austrian Olympic Fencer

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