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Surname Pearce - Meaning and Origin

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D. Pearce

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Pearce: What does the surname Pearce mean?

The surname Pearce is of English origin and is derived from the personal name Peter, which comes from the Greek "Petros" meaning "rock" or "stone." The name was popular among Christians due to Saint Peter, a disciple of Jesus Christ. Pearce is a variation of the name Piers, an old Norman French version of Peter, and it was frequently used in medieval England. The '-ce' ending is a patronymic marker, indicating "son of," hence, Pearce can mean "son of Piers" or "son of Peter." Like many surnames, it was initially used to identify individuals with the same given name. Notably, spellings have varied over time and across regions, resulting in alternative forms like Pierce or Piers. Furthermore, the name Pearce can be found in early historical records across England, Ireland, and Scotland, as well as in countries of the English-speaking world.

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Pearce: Where does the name Pearce come from?

The last name Pearce is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, specifically in southern England. According to various surname tracking websites, it is also moderately common in 1999, Australia, and Canada as well. The surname originated as a patronymic name, meaning it derived from the given name of a father or ancestor - the Piers root of Pearce appearing in both Norman-French and Anglo-Saxon forms.

In the UK, Pearce variants are particularly common in the south-west region, especially in Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset. This is perhaps due to the thriving mining industry in these areas during the 19th century, where the surname was often adopted by people working on the tin and copper mines.

Besides the south-west region, Pearce is common in many parts of England and Wales, including Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Glamorgan and Gloucestershire. It is also present in Scotland as well, particularly in the Borders region and cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Evidence from various data sets confirms the widespread distribution of the surname Pearce. During the seventeenth and eighteen centuries, it was the 75th most common surname in England and Wales and rose to the 59th spot by 1881. Its popularity in Canada is also growing, today being the 15,214th most common last name in Canada, up from 13,220th in the 1991 census.

Variations of the surname Pearce

The surname Pearce is an Anglicised form of its original Gaelic spelling, Mac Piarais, meaning son of Piarais. The surname can be found in many variations such as Pearce, Piers, Pierce, Peirce, Pierson, Pears, Pirs, and Peers. It can also be found in some Scottish and Irish spellings such as McKay Piers, and MacPhears.

In England, it is most commonly spelled Pearce, and it is the twenty-second most common surname in Wales. It is also frequently found in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Variations can be found in non-anglicised versions, such as Pierse, Peiers, Pearse, and Piersone. More exotic spellings such as ask Pers, Pearsen, and Pirson have also been encountered.

The surname Pearce is also found in other countries such as Germany (Piersen), Spain (de Perales), Serbia (Pirc), Bulgaria (Pyarcev), and India (Piyarv). Additionally, it is common among French Canadians as Paré or Parent.

For those interested in exploring the etymology of the surname more closely, there are even a few resources for tracing the origin of the surname Pearce, which have revealed that this ancient surname is derived from the Old French word "pear," meaning a "rock," and "es" or "ices," meaning "belonging to."

Famous people with the name Pearce

  • Guy Pearce: Actor
  • Una Pearce: Actress
  • Ronny Pearce: Professional Boxer
  • Robby Pearce: Sailing Competitor
  • Faith Durand Pearce: Writer and Cookbook Author
  • Chuck Pearce: Former NFL Linebacker
  • Cullen Pearce: Professional Musician
  • Alex Pearce: Professional Soccer Player
  • John Pearce: Actor
  • Errington S. Pearce Sr.: American Politician
  • Carla Pearce: Jazz Concert Promoter
  • David Pearce: American Politician
  • Mathieu Pearce: Musician
  • Sharon Pearce: Former Miss Australia
  • Sanjeet Pearce: Music Producer, Songwriter and Mix Engineer
  • Richard Pearce: Film Director
  • Thomas Pearce: British Actor
  • Johnny Pearce: American Politician
  • Ross Pearce: Professional Footballer
  • Charles Edward Pearce: fro British Army

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