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Surname Pellinger - Meaning and Origin

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Pellinger: What does the surname Pellinger mean?

The surname Pellinger is of German and Swiss origin and is an occupational surname derived from the word “binder” or “binder-maker”. It refers to a person who was involved in the trade of making and selling binders, which were used to keep books or parchments together. In early centuries, a Pellinger was likely a tradesman supplying basic supplies to the local community and was an integral part of the fabric of village and small-town life.

The name Pellinger is derived from the Middle Dutch “pellinc”, meaning to bind or braid. Throughout the evolution of language, the name went through many permutations, from Pellego to Pellinet, Palinger to Pellinger.

At various points in time, the Pellinger family migrated between Germany and Switzerland, as well as immigrating to the United States and England, among other countries. With the modern migration of humanity around the world, the Pellinger surname may now be found in more places than ever before.

The name Pellinger encapsulates a story of centuries of close connection to the vital tools of book-making and bindery, a reminder of the important role that binders have historically had in preserving the written record of a culture and its people.

Pellinger: Where does the name Pellinger come from?

The last name Pellinger is most commonly found in Germany, although it is found in many other places around the world. According to available census data, it is particularly common in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, although it is found in other German states as well.

The name Pellinger has seen a slow decline in popularity since the first major German census in 1871. The most recent data from 2019 suggests that the name has decreased by 8% since that time.

Outside of Germany, Pellinger can also be found in the United States, where it is most common in Pennsylvania, followed by Illinois, California, and New York. The most recent US census data suggest that the name has decreased in popularity in the US over the last few decades, mainly due to immigration from other countries.

In other parts of the world, Pellinger can be found in small numbers in Australia, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Due to the limited availability of data from these countries, it is difficult to know whether or not the name is increasing or decreasing in popularity.

No matter where it is found, the last name Pellinger is certainly an old and established one. It has been around for centuries and, despite its decline in popularity in some parts of the world, it still remains a common last name in many countries.

Variations of the surname Pellinger

Pellinger is a surname with German roots, derived from the personal name Pelegrin, which arose separately and was eventually blended as one. It is typically found in Germany and Austria, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland.

Variants or alternative spellings of Pellinger include Pelligner, Pellinger, Pelinger, Peligner, Pelliner, Peliner, Pelinger, and Peligner.

Surnames with the same root as Pellinger, often found in the same regions include Pellenz, Pellenz/Pälens, Pellen, Pellenzer, Pelli, Peli, Pèllicard, Pèllé, Pelegrin, Pellicane, Pellici, Pelligrini, Pellin, Pellino, Pellion, Pelligat, Pelline, and Pelegreene.

The English version of the name appears to have been Anglicized as Pellinger, Palinger, Pullinger, Pullinger, Pullinger and Pellin. It can also be found as Pollinger or Pollinger.

The surname Pellinger has also been changed to various alternate spellings as immigrants moved to different countries. Examples include Bonnellinger, Ballinger, Ballinger, Ballardinger, Ballenginger, and Pellicher/Pelcher.

Pellinger is also a name in other languages, such as Spanish (Pellini, Pelling), Italian (Pellizzi, Pelligrin), Portuguese (Pelican) and French (Pelli, Pelliennes).

Pellinger can also be found in Jewish records, where it can be written as Pilling(er) and Pillioner.

Famous people with the name Pellinger

  • Kohei Pellinger: Japanese professional footballer
  • Brett Pellinger: Australian basketball player
  • Ed Pellinger: editor in chief of Popular Mechanics magazine
  • Robert Pellinger: German actor and director
  • Andre Pellinger: French musicologist and composer
  • William Pellinger: United States diplomat and ambassador
  • Felicia Pellinger: American journalist and professor
  • John Pellinger: American basketball player
  • Linda Pellinger: Canadian pianist, composer, and academic
  • Richard Pellinger: Austrian film director and screenwriter

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