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Surname Pembarto - Meaning and Origin

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Pembarto: What does the surname Pembarto mean?

The last name Pembarto is of Portuguese origin, and means “son of Barto.” Barto is a popular variant of the name Bartholomew, derived from the Aramaic “bar Tôlmay” or “son of Talmai”. Talmai is itself derived from the Hebrew “Tôlmai” or “hilly” and could have been an epithet bestowed upon a highly esteemed individual. The suffix of “-barto” was added to indicate the person’s relation to someone of that name.

The Pembarto family likely has a long and storied history that likely reaches as far back as the Middle Ages. In that period, the Pembarto name may have been associated with trade, agriculture, or military service. Over the centuries, the Pembarto family has likely fanned out all across the globe, giving rise to different branches of the family with different experiences.

Regardless of their respective paths, all members of the Pembarto family can take pride in their shared heritage. The legacy of the Pembarto name is of courage, strength, and determination in the face of adversity. With each generational success, the Pembarto name grows in stature and renown. For those that carry the Pembarto surname, the tradition is carried forward with honor, respect, and love.

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Pembarto: Where does the name Pembarto come from?

The last name Pembarto is thought to be of Hungarian origin and is common in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, and in some other locations around the world. It is especially common in Hungary, Slovakia, and other regions of the former Austrian Empire. It is also found in small pockets in France, Italy, and other parts of Europe, as well as Brazil and the United States.

In Hungary, the Pembarto surname is thought to be a variation of the name Pamfel, which is derived from the Hungarian word pámfel, which means "fortune teller." The surname is strongly associated with fortune tellers and fortune telling, and thus is likely an occupational name. The surname is sometimes encountered in Hungary under the spelling Pempinto.

The Pembarto name can also be found in some areas of South America, primarily in Brazil and Argentina. It is likely most common in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, which has a large population of immigrants from Germany and other parts of Europe.

The Pembarto name can also be found in the United States, primarily along the East Coast from Maine to North Carolina. The surname is most often encountered among German-Americans, many of whom are descendants of German immigrants who settled in these states in the 1700s. The Pembarto name is also present among descendants of Austrian-Jewish immigrants who arrived in the US up until the 1940s.

Variations of the surname Pembarto

The surname Pembarto is of English origin and may have various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of these include Pemborton, Pemburton, Pemberton, Pembert, and Pamborton.

Pemborton is an archaic spelling of the surname, and appears in the early records of England from the 14th century. Pemburton is a variant spelling that is representative of the dialectal pronunciations found in the Midlands and Midlands area of England. Pemberton, Pembert, and Pamborton are other variants of the same surname.

These names each bear a slightly distinct spelling, but all of them derive from the Old English words penn, meaning 'enclosure', and beorg, meaning 'hill'. The surname originating when someone moved from one area to another, their name was adapted into the local dialect. Thus, the 'burton' would become 'bert' or 'borton', dependent on the region.

In English records, the name would be written phonetically in order to represent the pronunciation of the surname for maximum accuracy. Today, individuals with this surname can trace their origins to the areas of Warwickshire, Northumberland, and West Yorkshire in England.

Famous people with the name Pembarto

  • Manuel Pembarto: a Spanish comic book artist known for graphic novels such as ‘El principe de la noche’
  • Brad Pembarto: an actor from California with films, such as ‘The Witch Files’ and ‘Being Human’, credited to his name.
  • John Pembarto: a British musician and producer. Notable works include ‘Skyline Symphony' and the ‘London Philharmonic Orchestra’.
  • Alex Pembarto: an American football player from Florida who has played for the Arizona Cardinals and London Blitz.
  • Shorty Pembarto: a professional wrestler from Rome who has competed for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
  • Peter Pembarto: a Canadian singer-songwriter who has written for notable artists, such as Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, as well as his own solo singles.
  • Aleksej Pembarto: a Belarussian professional volleyball player who plays for the national team.
  • Kristen Pembarto: an actor from California who has starred in several films, such as ‘Sleepover’ and ‘You, Me, and Him.’
  • Antonio Pembarto: a Venezuelan composer currently based in Europe, specializing in classical music.
  • Sara Pembarto: an Italian fashion designer and model known for her women's Ready-to-Wear Collections.

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