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Surname Percie - Meaning and Origin

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Percie: What does the surname Percie mean?

The last name Percie is of English origin, derived from the Latin word 'percidens' which means 'cleaver' or 'sharp'. This surname possibly evolved as an occupational name for a professional weapon maker or sharpener. This derivation could also refer to an individual who was adept at accurately 'cleaving' grain from the stalk in traditional farming practices.

Due to its origin, the surname Percie suggests an individual with a sharp intellect, good analytical skills, and a capacity for careful and precise work. A person with the last name Percie may thrive in academics and take a methodical and organized approach to problem-solving and decision making.

The last name Percie is also associated with reliability and dependability. Those who carry the name are likely to be loyal people who take pride in their work and relationships. Additionally, they tend to be dedicated to the needs and wants of their friends and families.

In summary, the last name Percie is associated with a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility, as well as an aptitude for precise and accurate work. Those who bear the name likely have a sharp intellect and find satisfaction in their successes and achievements.

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Percie: Where does the name Percie come from?

The name Percie is most commonly found today in the United States, especially in the state of Ohio. Percie is thought to be derived from the Latin name Peregrinus, which literally translates to "traveler," and there are many Percies who can trace their roots to that part of the world.

The earliest recorded Percie in the US was John Percie, who arrived in New England in 1680. Percies were among the very first European settlers to come to the colonies and many of them settled in places like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Today, traceable family names from the Percie bloodline can be found up and down the Eastern Seaboard, from Florida to Maine. Interestingly, there are also many Percies living in the Southwest, due to the surge of people migrating from the Midwest to the area in the mid-1900s.

As for states with the highest concentration of Percies, the majority of them still reside in Ohio, followed by Michigan, Kentucky, and New Jersey. It's also not uncommon to find Percie family names in other states like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, and California.

It can be assumed the name Percie is slowly spreading across the US, as more and more of its bearers come into contact with each other throughout the country. As we enter a new decade, the iconic last name will no doubt continue to appear in new states, continuing the Percie legacy one day at a time.

Variations of the surname Percie

The surname Percie has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is a patronymic surname deriving from the given name Peter.

The variant spellings of this surname are Percy, Percey, Purcey, Pursey, Persey, Pursey, Pursy, and Persy. These spellings can be found in records dating back to the thirteenth century in England and Scotland.

Variant surnames of the same origin include Pearce, Pearse, Piers, Piercey, Piers, Piercy, Peirce, and Pierse. These spellings are found in records dating back to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Other variant surnames include Pierce, Pierrie, Pierpoint, Peirpoint, and Pirrie. These spellings are found in records dating back to the sixteenth century in Scotland, Ireland, and England.

The given name Peter is derived from the Latin name 'Petrus', meaning "rock". The surnames derived from this name were given to those individuals who were the sons of Peter, hence patronymic. It is likely that the vowel changes of the spelling of the surname was due to dialects and transcription errors during the recording of documents.

In conclusion, the surname Percie has a variety of spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin. These are Percy, Percey, Purcey, Pursey, Persey, Pursey, Pursy, Persy, Pearce, Pearse, Piers, Piercey, Piercy, Peirce, Pierse, Pierce, Pierrie, Pierpoint, Peirpoint, and Pirrie. These were all derived from the given name Peter.

Famous people with the name Percie

  • Percy Harvin: is a former American football wide receiver and kick returner who played nine seasons in the National Football League (NFL).
  • Percy Sledge: was an American R&B, soul and gospel singer. He is best known for the song “When a Man Loves a Woman”, released in 1966.
  • Percy Faith: was a Canadian-born American composer, conductor and bandleader, known for his lush arrangements of pop and Christmas standards.
  • Percy Grainger: was an Australian-born composer and pianist. He was a music arranger, self-accompanied inGregorian song cycles and bandleader, and a pioneer of electro-acoustic music.
  • Francis Percy Jenkins: also known as Percy Jenkins, was a British composer and saxophonist. He was particularly known for his marches and operettas which were popular during the Victorian Era.
  • Percy Shaw: was an English inventor who patented the reflective road marking system known as cats’ eyes. Consisting of two pairs of reflective glass spheres set into a white rubber dome, Shaw’s invention is now used all over the world.
  • Percy Bradshaw: was an American illustrator, particularly known for his illustrations for books such as Jack and Jill, the Bobbsey Twins series, and Peter Rabbit.
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley: was an English poet widely regarded as one of the greatest poets in the English language. He is best known for the poem “Ozymandias” and the post-apocalyptic novel “The Last Man”.
  • Percy Pierre: is a Jamaican-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and managing partner of P3 Group, a private investment firm.
  • Percy Cox: was a British soldier, Indian civil servant and colonial administrator who distinguished himself in numerous campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, later becoming the first British Civil Commissioner in Iraq.

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