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Surname Perser - Meaning and Origin

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Perser: What does the surname Perser mean?

The origins of the surname Perser are largely believed to be of Germanic origins. It is thought to have derived from the term ‘persen’ which is an old Germanic word meaning ‘to persevere’. This likely reflected the strong work ethic and drive of the family who first adopted the name, or perhaps it indicated their ability to persevere and adapt during tumultuous times of political or economic upheaval.

Throughout history, many families created surnames to help with distinguishing and identifying between members of the same clan. The surname Perser appeared in various documents throughout Europe during the 11th century but grew in popularity during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. During this time, the political and economic instability of many nations meant that individuals had to use what resources were available to them in order to survive and make a living. The term ‘perseverance’ appears to have served as a reminder for many of the individuals and families that it was only through hard work and determination that their hopes and dreams would be realised.

The surname Perser is still in use today and many individuals who share the name are proud to represent its legacy and importance in the history of Europe. The name is a reminder to everyone that through sheer grit and determination, these virtues will eventually lead to success.

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Perser: Where does the name Perser come from?

The last name Perser is thought to have originated in Germany and may be of Norman or Dutch origin. It is most commonly found in Germany, the United States, and Canada.

In particular, Perser is a fairly popular German surname, with over 1,700 individuals in Germany being recorded in the 1990 census as having the surname. This surname is also found in the United States with over 2000 individuals having the surname in the 2000 census. While there is no specific city or area within the United States that is particularly known for its population of individuals with the surname, it is found more commonly in the Midwest and Northeast regions.

In Canada, the name Perser is also fairly common with almost 850 individuals having the surname. The most dense population of Perser households is located in Alberta, followed by Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Overall, the combination of Germany, the United States, and Canada represent the vast majority of those who share the surname Perser. Despite its relatively low overall volume of those having the surname, the dense population and presence of Perser individuals in the three countries can provide an assurance that the surname will remain popular for generations to come.

Variations of the surname Perser

The surname Perser has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of the name are Perser, Parser, Pariser, Perseru, Persiru, Parsaru, and Parsur.

The name has its origin in Middle English as a variant of the name 'Persour', named after the Persian people. It is also believed to be a derivative of the French surname 'Perceur', which means 'breaker' or 'splitter'.

Variants of Perser can also be a part of other surnames, such as 'Parsnip', 'Parsley', 'Parisot', 'Parsons', 'Parsec', 'Parsell', 'Porser', 'Persall', 'Persley', 'Percival', and 'Parceval'.

The surname is also found in certain regional spellings, such as 'Poeser' in Flemish, 'Porsche' in German, 'Peser' in Spanish, 'Percier' in Italian, 'Persaar' in Swedish, 'Pēsaru' in Latvian, 'Pəsrəvi' in Azerbaijani, 'Peasor' in Cornish, and 'Picasor' in Connacht Irish.

In Scotland, the name is sometimes spelled 'Pascur' or 'Pascher', and in Ireland is often written as 'Pascoe' or 'Pascor'.

In comparison to some of its variant spellings and surnames, the variant 'Perser' is relatively rare, though it can still be found in Europe, the UK, and the US.

Famous people with the name Perser

  • Connie Perser, American author
  • Ruth Perser, American film editor
  • Richard Perser, Scottish businessman
  • Bradlee Perser, American boxing promoter
  • Trey Perser, American soccer player
  • Paul Perser, American Jazz musician
  • Robert Perser, American actor
  • William Perser, American football coach
  • Corwin Perser, American writer
  • Bob Perser, American baseball coach

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