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Surname Petrich - Meaning and Origin

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Petrich: What does the surname Petrich mean?

The last name Petrich is an interesting one as it is very unique and rarely found. Most likely derived from the region of Petrich in Bulgaria, it is thought to be of Slavic origin. It is believed that the family who took this surname were from the region, or were immigrants who traveled to other parts of the world.

Given its interesting origin, the meaning of the Petrich surname is still debated among researchers. The most popularly accepted theory is that the name was taken from the old Bulgarian word “petre” which means “rock”, giving it the interpretation of “rocky” or “stony” land. This derives from the landscape of the region of Petrich which is characterized by rocky, mountainous terrain.

Other theories suggest that the name could have been derived from a nickname that was given to individuals who traveled to the region, such as soldiers or fortune seekers. Whatever its origin, the name Petrich remains a strong reminder of its Bulgarian roots and its understanding of the importance of the landscape and terrain of Petrich as a strong source of identity.

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Petrich: Where does the name Petrich come from?

The last name Petrich is most commonly found in the Balkan Countries, primarily Serbia, Croatia, and Bulgaria. It is also found in other parts of Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine, as well as Austria and Germany.

In Serbia, the surname is believed to have originated from the region of Byzantium and more specifically, the region of Kostur. It was most likely bestowed upon a soldier involved in the Battle of the Field of Blackbirds in 1389 or a family of that name in the area later on. In the villages around Kostur, the surname is quite common.

In Croatia, the surname is thought to have originated from the region of Syrmia, where it was also widely popularized by a noble family with that name. This family was known for its prominent role in Croatian politics, having held a host of high-ranking positions in state administration. From there onwards, its popularity spread throughout Croatia, with the surname becoming quite common in areas such as Zagreb, Split, and Dalmatia.

In Bulgaria, the surname Petrich is often associated with the Bulgarian village, Petrich, which is located in the Blagoevgrad province and derives its name from the family. Historians suggest that the family migrated to Bulgaria sometime in the 13th century to take advantage of the Bulgarians’ benevolent administration of the region.

Overall, the surname is most commonly found in the Balkans, although its roots can also be traced to Eastern and Central Europe.

Variations of the surname Petrich

The surname Petrich has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin. Some of these include Petrick, Petric, Petrig, Patrich, Patric, Patrig, Petrick, Petrec, Petriche, Petrichki, Petricia, Petrizzo and Pertrich. All of these surnames are believed to have originated from from the name Peter, which comes from the Greek word for "rock". The prefix, "petri/patri-", means "son of".

Some common versions of this surname may be found in several parts of Europe, predominantly in areas of Central and Eastern Europe, including Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Montenegro, Hungary, and Slovenia.

In German-speaking countries, the surname Petrich is sometimes spelled as Petrichs, Petrick, Petrichmiller, Petrichberger, and Petrichauer. In Russian-speaking countries, the same surname is sometimes spelled as Petrichev, Petrichenko, Petrichkin, Petrichin, and Petrikov. In Poland and Russia, the surname is sometimes spelled with the letter 'w', as in Petrichin, Petrichov, and Petrichin.

In addition, the surname may have traveled overseas. In the United States, the spelling of the surname is often presented as Petrick, Petrics, Petric, Petrich or Patrych. In the United Kingdom, the spelling of the surname is often Presritch or Petrich.

All of these variations of the surname Petrich are believed to be of the same origin and all appear to have descended from the Greek name, Peter.

Famous people with the name Petrich

  • LaDainian Tomlinson: Football Player
  • Yolanda Petrich: Olympic shooter
  • Nathan Petrich: International Business Consultant
  • Ed Petrich: US Air Force Officer
  • Gretchen Petrich: Author
  • Lee Petrich: US Olympic bobsledder
  • David Petrich: Football Coach
  • Ruth Petrich: Poet
  • Taylor Petrich: Music Producer
  • Shauna Petrich: Triathlete
  • Kyle Petrich: Basketball Player
  • Alexander Petrich: Actor
  • Richard Petrich: Professor
  • Shelia Petrich: US Paralympic wheelchair curler
  • Andy Petrich: Musician
  • Dena Petrich: Basketball Player
  • Paul Petrich: European Ice Hockey Player
  • Chris Petrich: Motorcycle Racer
  • Rob Petrich: Film Producer
  • Dave Petrich: US Paralympic Archery Coach

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