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Surname Piatt - Meaning and Origin

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Piatt: What does the surname Piatt mean?

The last name Piatt is of French origin which stems from the name “Piat”, and is also known to have links to Belgian topography. The term "Piat" is derived from the old French word "Pie", which means magpie, a bird. Therefore, the last name Piatt could have been an occupational name for a birdcatcher or it may have started as a nickname for someone who was perceived to have characteristics of a magpie, such as chattering or thieving tendencies. Alternatively, in the context of topography, "Piatt" refers to a plateau or raised flatland, and it could have initially identified persons who resided in such an area. It is also plausible that the surname was derived from the given name "Peter" in certain regions. Overall, surnames usually evolved from four main sources: occupational, locational, paternal/maternal, and nicknames which makes the exact meaning difficult to trace back perfectly.

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Piatt: Where does the name Piatt come from?

The last name Piatt is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the midwestern region. The Piatt surname originated in England in the 12th century, with early members of the family settling in the midlands and north of England. Over time, many members of the Piatt family emigrated to the United States, settling in areas such as Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Today, the last name Piatt is most prevalent in Ohio, with nearly 1,400 residents in the state bearing the proud Piatt name. The city of Wapakoneta, in Auglaize County, is a particular hotspot for Piatt family members in Ohio. Ohio is not the only state where the last name Piatt is common, however, as it can also be found in Indiana, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Missouri.

The Piatt family also has roots in Canada, particularly in New Brunswick, with some family members having relocated to the province in the early 1800s. Canadian descendants of the Piatt family predominantly settled in Toronto, Ontario, with a few members making their home in New Brunswick.

Although the surname Piatt is most highly concentrated in the United States and Canada, it can also be found in other countries across the globe including France, Ecuador, Germany, Ireland, and England.

Variations of the surname Piatt

The Piatt surname is of Norman origin, coming from the name Pievatt, a place in the area surrounding the River Seine. Variations of the surname Piatt are variously spelled as Piat, Pyat, Piatt, Piatte, and Pyatte.

In the United States, the Piatt surname is quite common in the Appalachian region, particularly in Ohio where it originated and Virginia. It is also found in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, as well as in other states.

Early variants of the Piatt surname were Piat, Pyat, Piatte, and Pyatte. Over time, the spelling of the surname changed to Piatt as it spread from place to place.

Various other surnames have developed from the Piatt surname as families move to different parts of the country. These include Pyeatte, Piatto, Pyatt, Pyette, and Pyeatt.

The Piatt surname can also be found in some variations of the French name Piat, and can be found in rare English versions such as Pyatt and Pyette, and even in some German-speaking countries as Piatz.

Today, the Piatt surname is spread out on a global scale. It is a very common surname in the United States, and can be found in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other parts of the world.

Famous people with the name Piatt

  • Mike Piatt, an American country music singer
  • Dave Piatt, an American former professional baseball pitcher
  • Terry Piatt, an Australian rules footballer
  • Sarah Piatt, an American writer, poet and lecturer
  • Richard Piatt, an American television presenter
  • Tom Piatt, an American former politician
  • William Piatt, an American hero of the American Revolutionary War
  • Abraham Piatt, an American artist
  • Nancy Piatt, an American activist
  • Michael Piatt, an American former professional wrestler

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