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Surname Pickens - Meaning and Origin

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A. Pickens

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Pickens: What does the surname Pickens mean?

The surname Pickens is of English origin and is derived from the Old English term “pic” meaning a hill or a point. It was often designated to those who resided on or near a hilltop or a pointed area. The "s" at the end of Pickens typically indicates "son of," thus transforming the meaning to "son of the one who lives on the hill." Over time, like many surnames, it became a hereditary family name passed down through generations. The name is found in various forms such as Picken, Pickin, and Pickins. It is important to remember that surnames had a practical purpose initially – they were used to distinguish individuals with the same first name, so the meaning of a surname can often be linked to an ancestor's occupation, characteristics, or location.

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Pickens: Where does the name Pickens come from?

The last name Pickens is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2019 the rank of this surname was 339th among all surnames, making it one of the more popular last names in the country. It is most prevalent in the South, particularly in states like Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, making it one of the more common surnames in those areas.

The surname is derived from the Old English 'picen,' which meant to prick or stab. It may have been used to describe someone who was good with a dagger or spear. Alternatively, it may have referred to someone who was a picker of fruits or vegetables.

Most likely, the surname made its way to the U.S. via Scottish immigrants during the Colonial period. The first documented individual to carry the surname Pickens in the U.S. was Richard Pickens in 1736. He arrived in Pennsylvania after travelling from Scotland.

Since then, the Pickens family has been spread throughout the United States. There are now more Pickens households in the South than anywhere else, though there are still clusters of them living in all of the major nations across the US.

Variations of the surname Pickens

Pickens is an English surname. It is derived from the Old English occupational name "picemann" or "picca", which means "pike man" or "pointed spearman". Variants for Pickens include Picken, Pickin, Pikin, Picking, Pickan, Picken, Pakeen, and Pikens. It is also a common variation of the Irish surname Pickering, which is derived from the Norman personal name Picred, a combination of French words “Pic” meaning “point” and “red” meaning “novice”.

This surname is also found in Scotland, where it derived from the Scottish Gaelic name "Pícean", which means sharp point. Variants of the name in Scotland include Picka, Pickane, Picken, Pickein, Picard, Pickon, and Pickens.

In Germany, the surname Pickens is derived from the German word "pichen" which means "to point". The variants for this type of Pickens include Piken, Picken, Pikken, Picken, Pickenn, and Pickin.

The surname Pickens is also found in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this region, the name is derived from the Dutch word "Picche" which means pointed, and "man" meaning man. Variants for this kind of Pickens include Picken, Piken, Pickin, Picard, Pikken, and Pichen.

Lastly, Pickens is also found in several other countries such as Poland, Russia, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. In these countries, the surname is typically derived from the Old Norse language and would have variations such as Picke, Picka, Pikin, Pickio, Pikan, and Pikkinen.

Famous people with the name Pickens

  • Boone Pickens: American businessman and philanthropist
  • Sammy Pickens: A character in the novel My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult
  • Toby Pickens: Professional skateboarder from Australia
  • Pickens Browne: American academic, author, and professor.
  • Anderson Pickens: American telecommunication businessman
  • T. Boone Pickens Jr.: CEO and Chairman of the energy investment firm BP Capital
  • Bernice Pickens: First African American president of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Gregory Pickens: Music producer, writer and actor
  • Doc Pickens: Stand-up comedian, writer, and actor
  • Jimmy Pickens: American country artist from South Georgia

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