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Unraveling the Ancestral Path of the Surname Pickering with iGENEA DNA Testing

Family name Pickering

Recently, I took a DNA test at iGENEA to explore the ancestry related to my surname, Pickering. The technicalities of the Y-chromosome DNA and autosomal DNA tests and the accuracy of results have provided fascinating insights into my genetic origins.

My recent experience with iGENEA DNA testing has provided a remarkable insight into my family history and heritage linked with the surname Pickering. Using advanced genetic genealogy, iGENEA examined my Y-chromosomal DNA (Y-DNA) to trace my paternal lineage and autosomal DNA (at-DNA) for a broader overview of my genetic makeup.

The technical process was well-detailed, allowing me to understand each step. They analyzed a highly specific part of my Y-DNA, known as Short Tandem Repeats (STRs). The number and location of these repeat sequences are unique and enable us to mark out a genetic fingerprint that can be traced back in time. The autosomal DNA test, on the other hand, was comprehensive, studying 22 pairs of chromosomes to give collective information about both my paternal and maternal lines.

The accuracy of the testing was exceptional. My Y-DNA results connected me to the Haplogroup I-M253, originally found in Scandinavia and associated with Viking heritage. This aligned coherently with the historical references indicating the surname Pickering as being of Old Norse origin, particularly from the Viking era. The autosomal DNA test elucidated my mixed heritage, indicating proportions of DNA pointing to different geographical locations. It provided specifics not covered by the Y-DNA test, enriching the depth of my genetic genealogy.

The surname Pickering, as per my understanding, was originally a locational surname derived from Pickering in North Yorkshire. The results from iGENEA substantiated this and expanded upon it, connecting the Vikings' historic seafaring with the distribution of Haplogroup I-M253, suggesting a correlation between my DNA and the movement of my Viking ancestors.

In conclusion, the technical aspects and accuracy of the DNA test provided by iGENEA are both outstanding and exceedingly explanatory. They have significantly enhanced my understanding of the origins of the surname Pickering, linking it conclusively with Viking ancestry and providing a tangible connection to my distant forebears.

V. Pickering

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