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Surname Pidcock - Meaning and Origin

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Pidcock: What does the surname Pidcock mean?

The surname Pidcock is of Old English origin and is believed to be the combination of two words. First, it is derived from the pet name "Pid-" for any bird, possibly the magpie, and the second part "-cock", which was a common suffix for names in the Middle Ages. The surname may have initially been used as a nickname for someone who behaved like a bird. It may also have been a metonymic occupational term for someone who took care of poultry. It is important to note that surnames significantly define the original bearer of the name in terms of their personal characteristics or occupation. Moreover, geographic attributes play a part in determining the nature of surnames. Lastly, while the surname has English origins, the variations in spelling and the migration of peoples across regions led to the development of many versions of this surname.

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Pidcock: Where does the name Pidcock come from?

The last name Pidcock is most commonly found in England and throughout the Europe. It is a relatively uncommon name, but is distinctively English in origin, dating back to the Middle Ages. Today, it is mainly found in cities and towns in southern and eastern parts of England, such as Oxford, Surrey and Hampshire.

The Pidcock family can be traced back to the 1100s, when the name was first recorded in the wills of ancestors, and it was prominent in the area of Oxford and Gloucestershire. It likely derives from the Anglo-Saxon phrase ‘Byþcochy,’ meaning ‘food shed.’

Compared to other last names, Pidcock is relatively rare, with about 10,000 families registered in the United Kingdom today. In other parts of the world, the name can be found in greater numbers due to emigration. This includes parts of North America, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as Antarctica.

No matter where it is found, the history and unique 250-year-old history of the Pidcock family remains, which serves the reminder of their English roots.

Variations of the surname Pidcock

Pidcock is a surname that can be spelled in a variety of different ways. It is likely derived from the Old English words for either “priest” or “little one.” Consequently, Pidcock variants may include Pyddek, Pettick, Petticke,Petrek, Pytcocke, or even Pedico. In some cases, Pidcock may be spelled as Pickcock, Pickok, Picok, Pikock, or Pickke.

There are multiple ethnic groups that use the Pidcock surname. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, Pidcock is one of the most common British surnames in the region of Cornwall. It has also been documented in Ireland (where is sometimes spelled as Pyddek), and the United States.

Other forms of Pidcock include Paterson, Patik, Peddick, Pedicke, Pedico, Pitcock, Pettigrew, Pettycrew, Pikecock, Pytlock, and Puttock/Putticker.

In some cases, Pidcock may also be used as a surname for those whose original surname was Piddock. This is especially true when the original Piddock could not be documented in official records due to language barriers or spelling errors.

Overall, Pidcock is a popular surname that has been passed down through generations across multiple ethnic groups. It can be spelled in a variety of ways, from Pyddek and Petke to Paterson and Pytlock. Therefore, it is important to research and consider all variants of the Pidcock surname when attempting to trace a family or personal history.

Famous people with the name Pidcock

  • Michael Pidcock: American former soccer player
  • Charles Pidcock: English miner and socialist
  • John Pidcock: Canadian politician
  • Chris Pidcock: New Zealand former swimmer
  • Rebecca Pidcock: English artist, performer and filmmaker
  • Arden Pidcock: American lawyer and politician
  • T. S. Pidcock: English cricketer
  • Elizabeth Pidcock: English novelist
  • Steven Pidcock: English former Formula Three racing driver
  • Jean Pidcock: English physicist, recipient of the Locker-Lampson Medal
  • Emma Pidcock: Australian field hockey international player
  • Douglas Pidcock: English former footballer
  • Katherine Pidcock: British glass artist
  • CJ Pidcock: American singer-songwriter
  • Laura Pidcock: British Member of Parliament
  • Ashton Pidcock: American track and field athlete
  • Michelle Pidcock: English former model

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