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Surname Pierre - Meaning and Origin

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S. Pierre

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Pierre: What does the surname Pierre mean?

The surname Pierre is of French origin and it literally translates to "stone" in English. It is derived from the French personal name "Pierre", which is equivalent to "Peter" in English. The name "Peter" comes from the Greek word "Petros" meaning "rock" or "stone". The surname Pierre was often used for someone who lived near a prominent stone or rock and eventually, it was adopted as a hereditary surname during the Middle Ages, usually by someone who lived near a particular rock or cave, perhaps as a landmark. However, it could also be a nickname for someone with a stony, unyielding disposition. This surname is now spread across the globe due to French ancestry or cultural influence.

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Pierre: Where does the name Pierre come from?

The last name Pierre is quite common throughout the world, particularly in France and French-speaking countries. In France, it is estimated that it is one of the ten most common last names in the country, with approximately 186,000 people having it. It is also present in a number of countries in Central and West Africa, including Madagascar, Congo, Gabon, and Togo.

In the United States, the last name Pierre is most prevalent in Florida and Louisiana, which have large Caribbean and French-speaking populations. According to the 2019 US census, there were approximately 19,000 people with this name in the United States, with the majority living in these two states. It is also common in Puerto Rico and some parts of the Dominican Republic, where there is a French influence.

In Canada, it can also be said to have a presence, particularly in Quebec, where it is the 77th most common last name. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the name Pierre is relatively rare, but it is present in small numbers in certain areas of the country.

Overall, the last name Pierre is quite common today, particularly in its native homeland of France and in many French-speaking countries and territories. While it might not be as prevalent in other places, there are still those who bear this name in countries and areas around the world.

Variations of the surname Pierre

The surname Pierre is of French origin and is derived from Pedro, a Latin given name derived from the Greek Petros. It is a patronymic surname meaning “son of Peter.” The variants, spellings and surnames derived from the same origin for Pierre include:

• Piere (French)

• Pierres (French)

• Perre (French)

• Pierri (Italian)

• Perria (Italian)

• Pierro (Italian)

• Pedro (Spanish)

• Pier (Italian)

• Pero (Italian)

• Pierro (Italian)

• Perry (English)

• Pereira (Portuguese)

• Peres (Portuguese)

• Perri (French and Italian)

• Pierotti (Italian)

• Pere (English and Catalan)

• Piarres (Catalan)

• Pyer (Latin)

• Pierron (French)

• Peirro (Italian)

• Perrot (French)

• Pierrepont (French)

• Piersol (English)

• Petro (Italian)

• Petri (Italian)

• obperrie (French)

• abperrie (French)

• Péres (French)

• Pierret (French)

• Perault (French)

• Pereson (French)

• Pierrefonds (French)

• Petrequin (French)

• Petrocco (Italian)

• Petroni (Italian)

• Petrosino (Italian)

• Peirot (French)

• Pierrefeu (French)

• Pierronne (French)

• Peironnet (French)

• Petronelli (Italian)

• Pierry (French)

• Pierroti (Italian)

• Petrizzo (Italian)

• dePierre (French)

• Pyers (Latin)

• Peary (English)

• Piersons (English)

• Petray (English)

• Piercy (English)

• Pierse (English)

• Piercy (English)

• Petroff (Russian)

• Piotor (Polish)

• Petruț (Romanian)

• Petrovski (Slavic)

• Pyryt (Latvian)

• Peirce (Irish)

• Piercy (Irish)

• Peard (Irish)

• Pearse (Irish)

• Perrett (English)

• Peredur (Welsh)

• Perot (Welsh)

• Perun (Slovakian)

• Perutka (Slovakian)

• Petr (Czech and Slovak)

• Perunović (Serbian and Croatian)

• Petrovic (Serbian and Croatian)

• Petkovic (Serbian and Croatian)

Famous people with the name Pierre

  • Jean-Claude Pierre (actor, activist, and former athlete)
  • Philippe Pierre (composer, music producer, and songwriter)
  • Laure Pierre (philanthropist and businesswoman)
  • Adrien Pierre (swimmer and Paralympic medalist)
  • Jean-Paul Pierre (singer, songwriter, and producer)
  • Ayi Kwei Armah (Ghanaian writer and intellectual)
  • Beau Pierre (actor and musician)
  • Mireille Pierre (actress)
  • Ransford Pierre (athlete specializing in the triple jump)
  • Antoine Pierre (guitarist and composer)
  • Nadja Pierre (Haitian-American pop and R&B singer)
  • Tony Pierre (musician and composer)
  • Pascal Pierre (footballer)
  • Lucien Pierre (lawyer and politician)
  • John Max Pierre (athlete and former Haitian envoy to the United Nations)
  • Emma Pierre (model, humanitarian, and artist)
  • Chris Pierre (American football player and coach)
  • Paul Pierre (author, poet, playwright, and actor)
  • Marie Pierre (cooking reality show contestant) 20.Giancarlo Pierre (track and field athlete)

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