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Surname Piggin - Meaning and Origin

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Piggin: What does the surname Piggin mean?

The last name Piggin is of English origin and is believed to be derived from the Middle English term "piggin", which refers to a type of drinking vessel or a small wooden pail. It could have been used as a nickname or an occupational name for a maker or user of such vessels. Additionally, it could be associated with the word "pig", implying that the person with this surname might have been involved in pig farming or pork selling. As with many British surnames, the exact origin and meaning can be difficult to determine due to the many linguistic and occupational influences over the centuries. It is relatively uncommon and more frequently found in the region of the United Kingdom.

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Piggin: Where does the name Piggin come from?

The last name Piggin is an English surname that has a long history. The name is believed to be derived from the Middle English word “picgan” which was used to refer to a pig fattener. Today, the last name Piggin is most commonly found in England, particularly in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

In England, particularly in the North of the county, the last name Piggin is associated with an ancient lineage. It is believed that the name originated in the 15th century and was typically used as an occupational surname for a person working in the swine-rearing industry. Over time, the name gained popularity and spread from the North to other parts of the country.

Today, the surname Piggin is still common in England, particularly in the North, and is increasingly being found in other countries as well. The name can also be found in the United States and Canada, as descendants of immigrants from England and Wales have taken the surname to new countries. In addition, other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa also have individuals with the surname Piggin.

Overall, although the origins of the last name Piggin may be rooted in pig farming in the 15th century, the name is still in use today in a variety of places across the globe. Whether derived from pig farming or not, the name remains a testament to the history of England and its descendants.

Variations of the surname Piggin

The surname Piggin is derived from the Middle English nickname “Pigge”, meaning “pig”. This surname can also be translated into Old English as “Pig”. Variations of the surname Piggin include Piggen, Piggenes, Piggenis, Piggy and Piggot. Spellings of the surname Piggin which reflect regional pronunciation variants, include Piggyne and Pygge.

In addition to the many spelling variants, multiple surnames of the same origin all derive from the term “Pigge”. These related surnames include Pig, Pigeon, Pigott, Pinkens, Pigaman, Biggins, Pigance, Pigot and Pipkin.

There are several variants of the Piggin/Pigge surname which originated in specific regions. For example, the related surname Paugen originates from Normandy, Pygge represents a particularly prominent variant in Somerset, and the surname Poggin is of Cornish origins.

The prevalence of these variations indicate the widespread usage of “Pigge” as a surname across the United Kingdom in the(Middle Ages). The different spellings, changes in regional language, and immigration all shaped the surname over time, leading to the diverse range of surnames with the same origin found today.

Famous people with the name Piggin

  • Charles Piggin (artist, engraver and printer)
  • Nathan Piggin (athlete and former footballer)
  • Alan Piggin (musician and entrepreneur)
  • Bob Piggin (rugby league coach)
  • Henry Piggin (comedian, director, and actor)
  • Polly Piggin (stunt performer and actress)
  • Barry Piggin (author and former soldier)
  • Alfred Piggin (sportsman and former cricketer)
  • Richard Piggin (publisher and stockbroker)
  • John Piggin (clergyman and scholar)
  • Rowland Piggin (artist and landscape painter)
  • Mark Piggin (musician and artist)
  • Harold Piggin (naturalist and explorer)
  • Steve Piggin (footballer and Canadian international)
  • Robert Piggin (photographer and journalist)
  • Peter Piggin (journalist and broadcaster)
  • Andrew Piggin (actor and theatre director)
  • Frank Piggin (sound engineer and music producer)
  • Brendan Piggin (sculptor and illustrator)
  • Sarah Piggin (television presenter and radio host)

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