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Surname Pinard - Meaning and Origin

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Discovering the Rich Tapestry of my Surname, Pinard, Through iGENEA DNA Analysis

Using iGENEA’s DNA analysis service, I uncovered the rich history of my family name, Pinard. This fascinating journey traced my lineage to France and beyond, revealing a hard-working ancestry and an unexpected Viking influence. The discovery broadened my understanding of my surname, tying me to a shared history and cultural heritage.

K. Pinard

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Pinard: What does the surname Pinard mean?

The surname Pinard is of French origin and has it roots in the Middle Ages in France. Its direct interpretation is related to the pine tree. The name was often used for people living near a conspicuous pine tree or pine forest. Another meaning of Pinard comes from its use as a colloquial term for wine in the French language, dating back to World War I. It’s thought that French soldiers began using the term ‘pinard’ to refer to the low-quality red wine that was rationed to them. This connection with wine could suggest a possible historical link of the surname to vineyards or the wine industry. As with many surnames, over centuries and generations, it spread geographically and today it can be found in various parts of the world.

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Pinard: Where does the name Pinard come from?

The last name Pinard is most common in Quebec, Canada, but can also be found in a few other countries around the world. It is an old French name believed to have originated in the 12th century.

In Canada, Pinard is the 1152nd most common surname and there are an estimated 7,290 people in Canada with the last name. Quebec has by far the highest concentration of the last name, with 6,620 Pinards, or almost 90%, living in the province.

In the United States, Pinard is slightly less common and is the 7010th most popular surname. There are an estimated 437 people with the last name in the US, with most of them living in New York, Florida, and California.

Pinard can also be found in other countries around the world, such as France, Belgium, Sweden, and Uruguay. However, the concentration of the name in these countries is much lower than in Canada and the US.

Overall, it is clear that the last name Pinard is most commonly found in Quebec, Canada, and also has some presence in other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Pinard

Pinard is a French surname with multiple variants and spellings. The surname originated from the French word pin, meaning ‘pine’ so it is likely that the original bearer of the name was someone who lived near a pine tree or owned a piece of land with a pine tree.

The most common spellings of the surname are Pinard, Pinart, and Pinardeau. Other variants of the name include Pinardi, Pinardie, Pinardières, Pinardin, Pineault, and Pineau.

Pinard is also an English-language form of the Spanish surname Piñero. Piñero is derived from the Spanish word for ‘pine’ and is also likely to refer to someone living near a pine tree or owning a piece of land with a pine tree. Variants of the name include Piñeiro, Piñera, Piñedo, and Piñeyro.

The surname is also found in places around the world with French influence, such as Quebec and Louisiana. In these areas, the name is also known to be spelled as Pinet, Pinette, and Pineau. The surname is also found in Germany and Switzerland, where it is known as Pinardt.

In total, there are more than 70 variants of the Pinard surname, originating from the original French word ‘pin’ meaning ‘pine’ tree.

Famous people with the name Pinard

  • Frédéric Pinard: former professional Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Cyprien Pinard: Canadian actor, writer and director.
  • Jules Pinard: French stage and film actor.
  • Roger Pinard: Canadian businessman and former politician.
  • Yannick Pinard: French basketball coach and retired player.
  • A. H. Pinard: Canadian businessman, philanthropist, and former politician.
  • Lise Pinard: former Canadian national swimmer.
  • Charles Pinard: Canadian lawyer.
  • Joël Pinard: French novelist and journalist.
  • Alain Pinard: French painter.
  • Simon Pinard: Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Paul Pinard: French rugby union player and coach.
  • Célia Pinard: French speed skater.
  • Pierre Pinard: French mechanical engineer and inventor.
  • Jean-Réal Pinard: Canadian author, journalist, and professor.
  • Louis Pinard: Canadian physician and former politician.
  • Yves Pinard: Canadian journalist, television personality, and author.

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