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Unraveling Ancestral Mysteries: How My iGENEA DNA Test Re-defined My Pitman Legacy

Family name Pitman

The revelations from the iGENEA DNA test significantly broadened my understanding of my ancestry. With unfamiliar Scandinavian lineages traced back to the Pitman name, the discovery challenged the prior conception of my roots based solely in the British Isles.

After several weeks of anticipation, I received my iGENEA DNA test results, unraveling new facets of my ancestry and giving insights into my Pitman lineages' history. The findings dramatically altered my understanding of myself and my genealogical context. Surprisingly, my Pitman ancestors traced back to a historical lineage I had never suspected, bringing forward unexpected narratives and ancestral geographic locations. These revelations have immensely reshaped my self-perception and deepened my understanding of the cultural heritage I am associated with.

As far as I knew, the Pitmans were fundamentally English in lineage, with generations traced back within the British Isles. Contrarily, the iGENEA DNA test revealed an incredible specific lineage leading back to Scandinavia. This new link suggested my Pitman ancestors were among the Viking invaders who made their home in the British Isles around the 8th to 10th centuries, completely contradicting my initial understanding.

As the narrative evolved, I acknowledged my direct descent from nomadic warriors, challenging my previous view of the Pitmans as long-standing agrarian English communities. The Viking re-settlement in the British Isles has strongly influenced the British cultural milieu, the contributions of which I now realized I am a part. Knowing my direct descent from these erstwhile Norse conquerors has endowed me with an entirely new cultural legacy to explore.

Furthermore, here I was, always considering myself utterly English, only to learn of my roots embedded deep in Scandinavian soil, subtly woven into my DNA over generations. This unexpected insight not only altered how I see myself but stirred a curiosity within me, prompting me to delve deeper and further into a past I never knew I had. I have begun to appreciate the complexity of my heritage and its dynamic nature, shaped and reshaped over time by historical migration patterns and cultural exchanges. In the end, my journey with iGENEA gave me more than just a DNA breakdown; it defined my legacy and my ancestors' journey that continues in me.

G. Pitman

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