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Surname Platt - Meaning and Origin

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Narrating the Dramatic Past: A DNA Journey into the History of 'Platt'

Unraveling the intriguing history behind my surname, Platt, using the iGENEA DNA test unveiled tales straight from an epic drama. Spanning from Old French origins to inhabitants of European flat lands, involvement in England's textile industry, historic figures defying stereotypical definitions, and discovered Jewish roots, my journey unveiled the unfolding drama in the tapestry of Platt history.

U. Platt

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Platt: What does the surname Platt mean?

The surname Platt predominantly originates from England, though it has connections in Germany as well. In England, it is derived from the Old English word "ploett," meaning a "plot of land" or "piece of ground." It could have been a topographic name for someone who lived on a piece of cleared land, or a metonymic occupational name for a builder or layer of wooden floors. In German, it comes from the Middle High German word "blat," which means "flat" or "level." Hence, it could be a topographic name for someone residing in a flat or level place. In both versions, the name has been associated with individuals who worked with or resided on land. This name's origin is indicative of the significant connection between people and their environments in previous centuries.

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Platt: Where does the name Platt come from?

The last name Platt is most common today in the United States, where it ranked 4,902nd nationally for frequency of occurrence. Platt is believed to have been an English surname derived from the Middle English word “plat” or the Old French “platte”, meaning “flat” or “level”. It also possibly originated as a nickname for someone who was “placid” or “level-headed.”

Platt was a common family name for immigrants arriving in America from England from the 1600s onward, with many settling in Pennsylvania. As the nineteenth century progressed, the Platt surname spread to other states—particularly New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio—throughout that century and the next.

In modern times, Platt is quite common across the United States. California, Texas, and New York are particularly states where the name is prevalent. There are millions of people with Platt as a last name living in the United States today. It’s also quite common in England, where it is the 5,901st most common surname. Other countries with many people bearing the Platt name include Australia and Canada.

Variations of the surname Platt

The surname Platt is derived from the Middle English word "plat," meaning "flat land" or "marshy meadow." It could also refer to a local place name, possibly derived from a word similar to "plat," such as "plack," meaning "a marshy or open place." Variants of the name include Platt, Plattgen, Plattman, Platte, Plattegen, Platten, and Pluttegen.

The earliest known use of the Platt surname was by a Robert Plate in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296. Early variants such as Plate, Plat, Platte and Plott first appeared in Sussex, England in the 14th century. The Platt surname also appears in several different spellings throughout England: Platt, Plat, Plattche, Platte, Plattman, Ploute, Plott, and Plytte.

The Platt surname is likely of Anglo-Saxon origin and was likely brought to England by settlers from northern Germany in the early Middle Ages. Several variations of the name are also common in Germany, such as Plaettner, Plaettner, Plättner, and Platte, as well as in other parts of Europe like Plátteres and Platklav in France and Plattner in Austria.

In the United States, the Platt surname has also evolved into various spellings such as Platt, Platts, Plott, Plotts, Plite, and Platte. The name first appeared in New England in the 1600s, with several members of the Platt family settling in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Famous people with the name Platt

  • Sir Joshua Platt: British Businessman and Lawyer
  • Stephen Platt: American comic book artist and writer
  • Lawrence Platt: American Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur
  • Eric Platt: American Actor
  • William Platt: British Entrepreneur and Poet
  • Richard Platt: British Doctor and Writer
  • John Platt: French Political Activist
  • Grace Platt: British Feminist Activist
  • Baron Platt: British Judge
  • Sir Christopher Platt: British Civil Servant
  • Sir William Platt: British Air Force Commander
  • Roger Platt: American Politician
  • Frederick Platt: American Antique Dealer
  • Catherine Platt: American Artist
  • Alicia Platt: American Film Producer
  • John Platt: Canadian Scientist
  • Amy Platt: Canadian Politician
  • Bill Platt: American Football Player
  • Barry Platt: British Military Officer
  • Eamonn Platt: British Film and Theatre Actor

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