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Surname Plewako - Meaning and Origin

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Plewako: What does the surname Plewako mean?

The surname Plewako appears to be of Polish origin. However, its specific meaning is not clear and might not be traceable. The name could be derived from a place in Poland, a trade or profession, or a nickname. Many Polish surnames end in "ko," which is a diminutive suffix, and "ak," which signifies a person who is associated with, or belongs to a place, job, or thing. “Plewa” is Polish for chaff, the husks of grains separated during threshing, so Plewako could possibly signify a role associated with farming or grain production. It's important to note that surname meanings can be difficult to accurately determine due to changes in spelling and language over time.

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Plewako: Where does the name Plewako come from?

The last name Plewako is a unique name that, while not overly common, can still be seen within various countries today. It is most commonly known throughout Poland and other Slavic nations, specifically in Lithuania and Belarus. Although the origins of the name are largely unknown, historical records suggest that it may be derived from the surname Lewak, depending on the dialect in which it is spelled.

In addition, there are many Plewakos spread throughout the United States and Canada, both of which contain diaspora communities from the affected regions. Stateside, the highest concentrations of Plewakos can be found inIllinois, Michigan, andNew York, although scattered families can be found in many other cities, such as Los Angeles and Toronto.

Overall, the Plewako name is still somewhat rare, but it still maintains a presence both domestically and internationally. From families who have been part of their respective communities since the early 20th century to those starting new beginnings in North America, the Plewako name carries with it the essence of tradition and pride, no matter where it is seen.

Variations of the surname Plewako

Plewako is an uncommon Polish surname, believed to be of Slavic origin. It is believed to have evolved from the ancient Polish name Plewuk, which is derived from the word plewa, meaning haystack. Although the surname has grown relatively uncommon throughout Poland, it can be found in other places around the world with slight variations in spelling.

Variations on this surname include Plewak, Plewakowski, Plawak, Plawakowski, Plawik and Plawikowski. These surnames may be encountered in places such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, due to immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Plewako surname has also been anglicized in various ways. Spellings which have been seen in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are Plevako, Plevak, Plevakovich, Plevock, Plovak, Plovakovich and Plovock. Similarly, these spellings and variants might appear in Australia, with the addition of the anglicization Plowak.

To summarise, the possible variants of the Plewako surname include Plewak, Plewakowski, Plawak, Plawakowski, Plawik, Plawikowski, Plevako, Plevak, Plevakovich, Plevock, Plovak, Plovakovich, Plovock, and Plowak.

Famous people with the name Plewako

  • Maksym Plewako: Ukrainian doctor who is working for the United Nations.
  • Anzhela Plewako: Ukrainian animator, author and illustrator.
  • Ulyana Plewako: Ukrainian dancer, choreographer and cultural and art figure.
  • Sergiy Plewako: Ukrainian football coach and professional footballer.
  • Yaroslav Plewako: Ukrainian journalist and colleague of the Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper.
  • Valeriy Plewako: Ukrainian military officer and Hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Vitalii Plewako: Ukrainian IT specialist, former vice-governor of the Kherson Oblast.
  • Yuriy Plewako: Ukrainian folklorist, academic and Professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
  • Ivan Plewako: Ukrainian sculptor, painter, and stained glass designer.
  • Viktor Plewako: Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, and poet.

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