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Surname Poerter - Meaning and Origin

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Poerter: What does the surname Poerter mean?

The last name Poerter is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is derived from the Middle English word "porer", which means "porter, doorkeeper, or gatekeeper". The name developed out of the old English word "porere". It was given as both an occupational and a nickname.

In medieval England, a porter was in charge of opening and closing the gates of a castle or other fortified building. Along with being an occupation, it was a given name during this same time period. Those with the name Poerter can trace their ancestry back to the Middle Ages when a particular ancestor was given this name as an occupational or personal surname.

In the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, the name changed to Poerter, and remained popular in England. It also spread to other European countries and is common in English-speaking areas such as the United States and Canada.

Those who have Poerter as a last name can be proud of their ancestry as it dates back centuries to a long and honorable line of occupations. It is thought to be derived from a combination of Anglo-Saxon words and French origins, reflecting a time period when French culture and language were influential in English place names and surnames.

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Poerter: Where does the name Poerter come from?

The last name Poerter is most commonly seen in the United States of America. The name is most prevalent in the south eastern part of the country with the state of Georgia having the highest number of people with the Poerter surname.

The origins of the family is unknown, but research suggests the name may be of French Huguenot origins with some branches of the Poerter family arriving in America from Germany and Austria in the late 19th century.

The Poerter surname is most commonly found in the south of the USA, particularly in Georgia where there are more than 1,000 people recorded with that last name. Mississippi is the next most common state for the Poerter surname with just over 500 recorded carriers of the last name. Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina round out the top five states in terms of the Poerter surname.

Large numbers of Poerters can also be found in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Other states with smaller but notable populations include Texas, New York, Ohio, California, Virginia, and Louisiana. The US census takers estimated in 1950 that there were a total of 18,650 people with the last name of Poerter living all across the United States.

Outside the United States, Poerter is a comparatively rare surname. The most notable concentrations of Poerters outside of the US can be found in Argentina, the UK, Canada, and Brazil. In each of these countries, fewer than 500 people have the last Poerter.

Overall, the Poerter surname is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the south, where it has been present for well over a century.

Variations of the surname Poerter

The Poerter surname has a long and rich history. Since different countries, languages and even dialects spelled words differently, there are many spellings and variants in existence for this name. Below are some of the more commonly used and accepted spellings and variants of the Poerter surname:


This is the most common spelling of the Poerter surname and is the English equivalent.


This is a Dutch variant of Poerter and is also the most popular version found in the Netherlands.


This is a Spanish variant of Poerter and is found mainly in the Latin American countries.


This is a French variant of Poerter and is found mainly in France and other French-speaking countries.


This is another French variant of Poerter and is popular in both France and Belgium.


This is a variant of Poerter found in France and other French-speaking countries.


This is a Hungarian variant of Poerter and is found mainly in Hungary and other Eastern European countries.


This is an Italian variant of Poerter and is found mainly in Italy and other Italian-speaking countries.


This is a Portuguese variant of Poerter and is found mainly in Portugal and other Iberian countries.


This is a variant of Poerter found mainly in the Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland.


This is a German variant of Poerter and is found mainly in German-speaking countries.

Surnames that are related to Poerter include Porten, Portor, Portarino, Porete, and Purtee. These surnames are mainly found in the countries mentioned above, with the exception of Purtee, which is found in Great Britain and other countries of the Commonwealth.

Famous people with the name Poerter

  • Taryn Poerter: Canadian singer and songwriter.
  • Cameron Poerter: American professional soccer player.
  • Roger Poerter: British astronomer and mathematician.
  • Staxx Poerter: American hip-hop artist and producer.
  • Michael Poerter: American television personality and stand-up comedian.
  • Evan Poerter: American actor best known for roles in the film "Spy Kids" and "How To Be A Latin Lover".
  • Demney Poerter: British fashion model, influencer and author.
  • John Poerter: American saxophonist, composer and jazz musician.
  • Todd Poerter: American country music singer and songwriter.
  • Richard Poerter: British poet and author.
  • Jamie Poerter: American television producer and director.
  • Logan Poerter: Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Kaylynn Poerter: American actress, best known for her role in the movie "Akeelah and the Bee".
  • La'Chey Poerter: American singer and songwriter signed to Roc Nation.
  • Joseph Poerter: American football player.
  • Clara Poerter: German fashion designer.
  • Vince Poerter: British entrepreneur and investor.
  • Amy Poerter: Canadian author and illustrator.
  • Jessica Poerter: American philanthropist and volunteer.
  • Harry Poerter: American businessman and entrepreneur.

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