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Surname Pohn - Meaning and Origin

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Pohn: What does the surname Pohn mean?

The last name Pohn is of Germanic and Jewish origin. It is derived from the Old Germanic personal name Pauw, which is the equivalent of Paul. The name Pauw means “little” and the surname was originally derived from Pauwel or Pauwen, meaning “little Paul”. Over time, the surname evolved into Pohn and changed with language and pronunciation.

In German, Pohn is an alternate spelling of Pahn, which is a patronymic surname, meaning “son of Paul.” It was popularized as a surname in many areas of Germany including Austria, Switzerland, and Prussia. Many people with the Pohn surname emigrated from these areas in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Pohn is also a Jewish surname that originated in the region of Poland. The Hebrew version of the name is “Poneh” and the meaning is “voice of God.” This surname was popular among Jews living in Ashkenazic communities in Europe, and as a result many people bearing the Pohn surname immigrated to the United States and other countries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In conclusion, the last name Pohn is of both Germanic and Jewish origin, and it has evolved over time as cultures and languages have changed. The Germanic version of this surname was popular in areas of Germany and derives its meaning from the Germanic name Pauw, meaning “little.” The Jewish version of the name is of the Ashkenazic origin and is derived from the Hebrew version of Paul, which means “voice of God.”

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Pohn: Where does the name Pohn come from?

The last name Pohn is most commonly found in Germany and Austria today. It is of German, Swiss-German, and Austrian origin. The Pohn surname is thought to have originated in either Bavaria or Swabia, two regions of Germany that had their own distinct cultures and dialects.

The earliest known Pohn was a man called Bironius Pohn, who was born in Bavaria in 1453. Additional information on this Pohn family line is scarce, but it is known that they remained in Bavaria until the late 19th century. At this time, many members of the Pohn family began to immigrate to other countries such as the United States and Canada.

Today, there are over 500 people with the last name Pohn in the United States alone. This is largely due to the mass immigration of German-speaking people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is estimated that 85% of people with the Pohn surname today are of German descendants. Additionally, the surname can also be found throughout various parts of Europe, particularly Germany and Austria.

Overall, the last name Pohn is most commonly found in Germany and Austria today, as this is where most of the people with this surname originated from. However, it can also be found in other countries due to one of the many waves of German-speaking immigrants who settled abroad in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Variations of the surname Pohn

Pohn is a surname of German origin. It is made up of two elements; “Poh” meaning ‘arrow’ and “hn” meaning ‘emanation’. This creates the composite meaning ‘descendant of the arrow’. Variants of the spelling of Pohn include Pohne, Pohner, Pohln, Pohnner, Pohnen, Pohl, Pohen and Pohlin.

Surnames derived from the same origin include Poensch, Poinch, Poine, Pointer and Pointert. These surnames were all derived from the German word ‘Poh’, meaning ‘arrow’. Poensch, for example, is composed of the two elements ‘Poh’ and ‘ensch’, which translates to ‘descendant of the arrow’. Similarly, Poine is composed of ‘Poh’ and ‘ine’, which is another variation of ‘descendant of the arrow’.

Some other surnames related to Pohn include Puhe, Puhen, Pohla, Puhl and Puhll. These surnames are developed from the Old High German word ‘Puh’, which translates to ‘boy’. Puhe, for example, is composed of ‘Puh’ and ‘e’, which translates to ‘descendant of the boy’. Pohla is composed of ‘Puh’ and ‘la’, which creates the composite meaning ‘descendant of little boy’.

The Pohn surname has been passed down through generations and has many variant spellings and surnames. These variants reflect the diversification of the Pohn surname, which has expanded with the growing population of people of German descent.

Famous people with the name Pohn

  • Kailana Pohn: Hawaiian singer and songwriter
  • Bos coerc Pohn: Micronesian politician
  • Tallulah Pohn: British actor, presenter, and entrepreneur
  • Antonio Pohn: Guatemalan footballer
  • Polina Pohn: Russian rhythmic gymnast
  • Lydia Pohn: German swimmer
  • Pina Pohn: Fijian former political leader
  • Maxine Pohn: American medalist master's road runner
  • Natalia Pohn: Russian opera singer
  • Jeff Pohn: Former American professional baseball pitcher

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