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Surname Points - Meaning and Origin

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Points: What does the surname Points mean?

The surname Points is of English origin and is believed to have been derived from the Old French word "point," meaning an "outlying piece of land" or "point of land." It is a topographic surname that was often given to someone who lived on or near a pointed piece of land or territory. Over time, the spelling of these geographically based names was increasingly anglicized, leading to the various forms we see today. Additionally, it could also have occupational origins, referring to someone who was a maker of lace or a soldier who was responsible for sharp weaponry or equipment. The surname Points is relatively rare and has various forms including Pointon, Point, Pointer, and Pointing.

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Points: Where does the name Points come from?

The last name Points is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It is a topographical surname for an individual who lived at a pointed hill or a pointed piece of land. It is derived from the Old English word "punt," which means "point" or "peak". Back in the Middle Ages, people were often recognized by their neighborhood or features of the natural landscape, thus giving rise to surnames like Points.

Today, the surname Points is quite rare. It is found in modern day England, where it originated. With migration patterns over centuries, it has also spread to other English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, even in these countries, it is not common and is found in relatively few numbers. Subsequently, there aren't specific regions where the surname Points is particularly common. It is dispersed rather thinly across these different countries.

Variations of the surname Points

The surname "Points" is of Anglo-Saxon origin and can be found predominantly in English speaking countries. Variations and alternate spellings of the surname Points can include: Point, Pointe, Pointes, Pointon, Poynt, Poynte, Poynton, Pont, Pount, and Pointz.

The surname also might have been phonetically spelled based on regional accents, leading to variations such as Pints, Poynts, or Poyns. In some instances, words similar to Points but with a 't' or 'd' inserted, like Pointd or Poinnt, could potentially be misspellings of the surname.

There are some surnames that are not direct variants of "Points" but may share the same origin or similar meaning. For example, the name "Pointer" or "Pointner" may derive from the same root word, indicating someone who lives at or near a pointed piece of land.

It's worth noting that the variance in spelling of the surname over the years has been heavily influenced by many factors including the evolution of language, literacy level, and cultural and regional dialects. Genealogical research could reveal more about the surname history, its transformations and possibly more variants.

Famous people with the name Points

  • Baroness Emma Jane Pointz: Peer of the United kingdom
  • Bud Pointz: American Mixed Martial Arts fighter
  • Emma Pointz: British Actress
  • James Pointz: Landowner and Knight of the Sword of the United Kingdom
  • John Pointz: British Actor
  • Julie Pointz: British Performance Artist
  • Justin Pointz: American Record Producer
  • Mary Pointz: British Modern Jazz Saxophonist
  • Yvette Pointz: British Singer and Songwriter
  • Adam Pointz: English Footballer
  • Chris Pointz: American Country Music Singer
  • Eric Pointz: American Football Player
  • Farrah Pointz: American National Gymnast
  • Rodney Pointz: Russelville High School’s Head Soccer Coach
  • Daniel Pointz: British Pop Singer
  • Austin Pointz: British Draftsperson
  • George Pointz: American Film Director
  • James Pointz: British Cartoonist
  • Jessica Pointz: American Racecar Driver
  • Louise Pointz: British Freelance Illustrator and Writer

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