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Surname Polglase - Meaning and Origin

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Polglase: What does the surname Polglase mean?

Polglase is a Cornish surname that typically originates from Cornwall, a county in South West England. The name is believed to be of locational origin, deriving from the Cornish words "poll," which means a pool or a pond, and "glâs," which stands for grey or blue. So, it roughly translates to 'blue pool' or 'grey pool'. Surnames of this type were usually taken from the name of the place where the initial bearer lived or held land. Therefore, it is likely that the original bearer of the Polglase surname lived near or by a notable pool or pond. It's also probable that there is a place in Cornwall that had this name. Like many surnames, spellings have evolved over time, and variations may include Polglass, Polglaaze, Polglaize, among others. People with the surname Polglase may be spread across the world due to historic Cornish emigration.

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Polglase: Where does the name Polglase come from?

The surname Polglase is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, especially in Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. It is also fairly common in parts of Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire. In England the most common distribution of the surname is in South West England, East Anglia, and East Midlands. The name Polglase is derived from the Old Cornish word pol-glaise, meaning "pool-shallow". This is thought to refer to someone who lived by a shallow pool or marshy land. The name is a very old one, and records of its use can be traced all the way back to the thirteenth century, when it often appears in documents related to property and land ownership.

It is also common in some parts of Australia, particularly New South Wales and Victoria, where its earliest recorded appearance dates back to the 1830s. The highest concentration of the Polglase surname in Australia is in Victoria, followed closely by New South Wales. In recent years, the surname has also spread to Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world as a result of emigration.

Given the high concentration of the Polglase surname in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Wales, it is likely that many people with this surname are direct descendants of people who lived in these areas hundreds of years ago. If you have the surname Polglase, you may have distant relatives still living in the same area.

Variations of the surname Polglase

The surname Polglase has a wide variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The surname has been recorded in many ancient documents in various spellings.

The spelling of Polglase has been recorded as: Polglase, Polglass, Polglass, Polyglass, Polyglase, Punchglase, Pontglass, and Pontglase.

The variants of Polglase are Pollglass, Pollglez, and Pulglass.

The surnames of the same origin include Pologal, Pollgar, Pollgasser, Pollig, Pollinge, Pollman, Popglaze, Punchglass, and Scorzinger.

The spelling of the surname has evolved over centuries due to the varying accents and dialects of the regions in which it is found. It is believed that the surname originated in the Southwest of England from the Polglase village which lent its name to the surname.

Over time, the surname Polglase spread throughout Europe, and it is believed to have been taken to the United States by early settlers.

The surname Polglase can be found in the United States today. It is especially prevalent in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and California.

Famous people with the name Polglase

  • Thomas Polglase (Australian swimmer)
  • Tony Polglase (Australian rules footballer)
  • Sarah Polglase (Australian TV presenter)
  • John Polglase (American snowboarder)
  • Alexander Polglase (British actor)
  • Ben Polglase (New Zealand rugby union player)
  • Steven Polglase (South African entrepreneur)
  • James Polglase (Australian playwright and actor)
  • Claire Polglase (British historian)
  • Victor Polglase (German sculptor)

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