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Surname Pool - Meaning and Origin

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The Story in My DNA: Tripping Over Ancestral Roots of the Surname Pool

When it comes to your surname, how much significance does it hold beyond a simple attribution to familial lineage? Unraveling my family story with an iGENEA DNA test came with surprising discoveries and a newfound appreciation for my surname - Pool. This story traces a journey through the deep recesses of ancestry readings, bulging with tales from a Celtic past, binding me to a legacy far grander and historic than I ever imagined.

G. Pool

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Pool: What does the surname Pool mean?

The surname Pool is of Anglo-Saxon origin and can be traced back to ancient England. Named for someone who lived by a pool or pond, it derives from the Old English word "pol," which signifies a small body of water. This topographic surname was given to a person residing near a conspicuous physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree. The surname could have also derived from a Celtic name 'Paul' meaning small or little. Sometimes, the name could have been given to a person who lives or works at a "pool," which in the medieval period referred to a breeding place for fish. From its initial origins, the surname has evolved into a variety of spellings including Pool, Poole, Pooles, and others. It spread to different regions and countries through emigration over centuries, resulting in a broad dispersion of the name Pool around the world today.

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Pool: Where does the name Pool come from?

The Pool surname is most commonly found in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the majority of those bearing the Pool name reside in the states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee. Furthermore, the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia also have a large number of people with the Pool surname.

In the United Kingdom, the Pool name is most commonly found in both Greater London and West Yorkshire. In other areas of the country, the Pool name is relatively scarce, although there are a smaller proportion of bearers in Cheshire, Lancashire, and Leicestershire.

The Pool surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is thought to have arrived in England during the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is derived from the English name Poole, which is a relatively rare placename found in the county of Devon. The surname Pool is most likely derived from the Old English "pol," which means either pool, ditch, or stream.

Today, the Pool surname is still widely seen throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Due to its Anglo-Saxon roots, the Pool surname is also found in countries such as Australia, Canada, and South Africa, among others.

Variations of the surname Pool

The surname Pool is derived from either an Old English or French origin. From Old English, it is derived from “pohl”, which means a pool of water or a rounded deep place of water. Alternatively, it originates from the French surname “de la Poule”, meaning “from the pool”. The name can be found in many different forms all over the world, including Poole, Pooley, Pulle,Powell, and Poolas. In Germany, the spellings Pohl,Pohle, Pohlemann, and Pohlmann are popular.

In England and the United States, the surname is often spelled Poole. A variation of the spelling, and the most popular of all its variations, is Pooley. Variations of the Australian spelling include Pool, Puul, and Pooles. In Scotland, the spellings Powel, Powele, and Poull are commonly used.

The many spellings of the surname, however, have created a variety of surnames from the same origin. Common variations include Pullen, Swinburn, and Phall. Likewise, surnames such as Fowell, Fullen, and Follis are all derived from the Pool surname.

In conclusion, the surname Pool has many spellings and variants. Although the origin of the word may be from either Old English or French, the many variations and spellings of the name create a wide variety of surnames stemming from the same roots.

Famous people with the name Pool

  • Ernie Pool: Retired American Track and Field athlete and hammer thrower
  • Mason Pool: American film and television actor
  • Danny Pool: English football goalkeeper
  • Terry Pool: American rockabilly musician and record producer
  • Stephen Pool: Former professional American football player
  • Willie Pool: Professional American basketball player
  • Kim Pool: Former American professional bodybuilder
  • Chico Pool: Dutch professional footballer
  • Fred Pool: American collegiate basketball coach
  • John Pool: Former mayor of Atlanta, GA

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