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Surname Preen - Meaning and Origin

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Preen: What does the surname Preen mean?

The last name Preen is believed to be an English name of Norman French origin, derived from the Old French preignier, meaning “to adorn”. It is thought to have first originated in the 19th century as a surname, indicating someone who was highly skilled at the practice of tailoring, and thus was able to provide ornamental clothing and accessories. Over the centuries, the surname has evolved to be associated with someone who is well-dressed, fashionable, and who takes particular care with their appearance.

In Ireland, the last name Preen is shared by the families of the Grauerraden and Collocott tribes, who settled in the area during the Cromwell era. In Scotland, the last name is associated with the Cunninghams and Ogilguy families, who lived in the Lowlands during the 15th century.

Today, the last name Preen can be found in areas throughout the world, most notably in England, Canada, the United States, Australia, and South Africa. In England, Scotland, and Wales, Preen is the 3,806th most common last name, and overall, it is the 11,996th most common surname.

Whether in the past or today, the last name Preen has been associated with grace, style, and sophistication. It symbolizes an individual’s dedication to always looking their best, and taking pride in their appearance.

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Preen: Where does the name Preen come from?

The last name Preen is most commonly found in England, particularly around the counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire. Outside the UK, it is also found in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

Preen is thought to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Middle English word 'preen' meaning 'to make smart'. This is likely linked to the Old French word 'preigner', meaning 'to adorn'. It may also be derived from a nickname for a person with a particularly well-groomed appearance.

In the UK, the number of individuals with the last name Preen is slowly growing. In the early 1800s, the Preen name was mostly found in the three counties mentioned above, but recent records show that the most populous locations for the Preen name are in the UK are now London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and Hertfordshire.

The Preen name also appears in United States records from as early as the 1600s. The earliest example dates back to 1620, when John Prene, was listed in Salem Village, Massachusetts. From then, the Preen name spread across the US, particularly to the Midwest and Northeast states.

A number of other countries also have a handful of Preen people, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Preen name is also recorded in Scandinavia, particularly in Norway and Sweden.

In summary, the last name Preen has been found on several continents, although it is mostly concentrated in England and the United States. It is derived from the Middle English word 'preen', which may have referred to a well-groomed appearance, or a nickname based on a physical feature or behavior. Over the centuries, the Preen name has slowly grown, particularly in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Preen

The surname Preen is of English origin, and is generally found derived from two separate names. The first is a variant of the surname Prean, which comes from a placename in Warwickshire that was recorded as 'Preene' in the Domesday Book of 1086. It is thought that the placename comes from the Old English 'préan', meaning a meadow or pasture. The second form of this surname is a variant of the much more common surname Prinn or Pring, which was also derived from an old English word meaning pasture.

Variants of the surname Preen include the likely first form Prean, as well as Pryon, Prion, Pryn, Pryen, Pryin, and Pryne. Variants of Prinn or Pring include Pring, Prien, Prian, Pitchin, and Pitchen.

Spellings of the surnames Preen, Prean, Prinn and Pring also include Pruin, Prewen, Preene, Preane, Preene, Prynne, Prine, Prinee, Pitchin, Pitchen, Pruyn, Pryne, Prinche, Pryne, Pritcheon, Printon, and Prinne.

Surnames of similar origin, but different spelling, to Preen or Prean include Prune, Pruner, Prusser, Freemantle, Pursell, Purser, Prezioso, Prussak, and Prusso.

Famous people with the name Preen

  • Rebecca Preen: Financial journalist, author and broadcaster from the UK
  • Bronte Preen: Actress, singer, dancer and presenter from the UK
  • Suzie Preen: Australian author and playwright
  • Andrew Preen: Producer, composer and conductor from the US
  • Todd Preen: Actor, known for roles in TV shows such as Jess and Avoid the Noid
  • Matthew Preen: Classical flautist, arranger and inventor from the UK
  • Eless Preen: Singer-songwriter from the US
  • Ruth Preen: UK-based artist known for large-scale art installation projects
  • Susie Preene: British author of novels, magazines and short stories
  • Mark Preen: American actor, best known for his roles in stage plays and musicals.

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