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Surname Preston - Meaning and Origin

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How My iGENEA DNA Test Redefined 'Preston' and My Perception of Self

Receiving the results from my iGENEA DNA test sparked a journey of self-discovery - a journey that swept away conventional notions of personal identity and heritage, deepened my connection to my surname, and redefined my sense of self. It led me to see 'Preston' not as a mere identifier, but as a meaningful icon of my ancestry.

N. Preston

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Preston: What does the surname Preston mean?

The surname Preston is of English origin and is a geographical or habitational name derived from any of the numerous places in England so called from Old English "preost" meaning "priest" and "tūn" meaning "enclosure", "settlement", or "estate". Thus, the name typically implies 'priest's town' or 'priest's estate'. This suggests that these areas may have been owned by the Church or a specific priest in the past. Many families with this surname can be traced back to Lancashire in England. It should be noted that the meaning can vary due to regional linguistic differences and translations. Despite its meaning, the surname does not necessarily denote a religious connection or heritage.

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Preston: Where does the name Preston come from?

The surname Preston is most commonly found in countries of the British Isles such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Within the United Kingdom, it is most frequent in the north-west of England with a strong prevalence in Lancashire, where the majority of people with that name are descended from a northern branch of the Anglo-Norman de Preston family who were established in the area since 1196. It is also fairly popular in Northern Ireland with concentrations in County Antrim and Down.

Within the United States, Preston is most common in the Southern states of Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina. In fact, the United States census of 1990 revealed that the Preston name is found more often within the African-American population of the South than among White populations. This is likely due to the influx of west African slaves, many of whom adopted the surname after being freed from slavery.

Preston is also a popular surname in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It is the 56th most common name in Canada, largely concentrated in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

The surname Preston is today a reflection of the varied history of the British Isles and its global diaspora.

Variations of the surname Preston

The surname Preston is a habitational name derived from a place found in various parts of England. The origin of these places lie in the Old English download Pigprestuna, which means “dry spring or stream”.

Variants of the surname Preston could include Presten, Priston, Persatone, and Prestone. Spellings of the surname could include Prestun, Presson, Priceston, Prestin, Prieston, and Prestan.

Surnames of the same origin could include the following: Ptreston, Pretston, Prestan, Presten, Prestin, Prestona, Prestone, Prestun, Preton, and Prieston.

The following surnames could also be of the same origin: Presteen, Prestine, Prestoll, Presty, Praston, Prateson, Prichston, Priston, Pryston, and Prestorne.

The surname Preston can be found in many places in Britain, indicating that it is an ancient name and has been around for centuries. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin can help people trace their family heritage and also better understand the changes in language and pronunciation over time.

Famous people with the name Preston

  • Preston Sturges: American film director, screenwriter, playwright, and producer.
  • Cynthia Preston: Canadian actress.
  • Richard Preston: English actor best known for his role in Aliens.
  • Vanilla Ice (real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle): American rapper and recording artist.
  • David Preston: English physicist and chemist.
  • Billy Preston: American musician.
  • John Preston (1953-1994): American writer and editor.
  • Morgan Preston: Actress, writer, and producer from Canada.
  • Preston Foster: American actor.
  • Preston Manning: Canadian politician and leader of the Reform Party of Canada.
  • Jonathan Preston: British-born actor.
  • Preston Lacy: American comedian and writer.
  • Preston Campbell: Australian professional rugby league player.
  • Preston Jones: American playwright.
  • Piers Preston: English television presenter and media columnist.
  • Chip Taylor (real name: John Wesley Gordon Preston Taylor): Singer/songwriter.
  • Preston Sharkey: American film and television Producer/Director.
  • Anais Preston: French actress.
  • Khadijah Preston: British actress.
  • Preston Eli Sievert: American composer and musician.

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