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Surname Priber - Meaning and Origin

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Priber: What does the surname Priber mean?

The last name Priber is of German origin and is a locational or habitational name, derived from a place name. Priber is derived from the German word 'preiber' which means border.

The original bearer of the name Priber may have lived close to a border or boundary between two territories. It is possible that they acted in a safeguard capacity, holding the space between two estates or regions. It is equally possible that the Priber family were nomadic, moving between areas close to the border and providing services or goods.

The name Priber has also been recorded in Mediterranean regions as Prüper, Prubier, Brettoger, Prüfer and Priebeng, which indicates a general Germanic migration to various regions.

The name Priber is associated with a peaceful and home-loving population. The Priber surname is associated with practicality, hard work and loyalty, which are indicative of an aptitude for commitment and determination.

Today, the Priber name is still found in the areas where the first known bearers of this surname lived. The Priber surname has spread into countries such as Germany, Australia, and the US, which show the reach and legacy of this noble family.

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Priber: Where does the name Priber come from?

The last name Priber is most common today in the Czech Republic, Poland, and addressing the broader Slavic countries, countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Slovakia. There is a small population of Priber families in the United States, mostly descended from Czech immigrants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In Polish, Priber translates to Przybor, and in Czech, it translates to Prebor. Priber families are established in several large cities in the Czech Republic, but are known to be a rural/agricultural family and have extended throughout the countryside. The surname is found most prevalently in the Czech Silesian area, which is the historical region of Central Europe located in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic.

In Czech and Polish, the surname is derived from the Old Czech and Polish terms 'prebir' and 'wybir', which refer to taking something or selecting something. In the context of the surname's origin, it likely referred to a farmer selecting or taking a new piece of land, or perhaps even a forester selecting new trees to cut. Whatever the origin, it is certain that the surname Priber has roots in the agricultural villages and plenty of history throughout Central Europe.

Variations of the surname Priber

The surname Priber is believed to be of Germanic origin, and variants of the name may be seen in other spellings or form.

One variant is Pribila, which may be a combination of a Czech surname due to its early immigrants, which includes people such as Frantisek Pribila who lived in 1790 in Humpolec, Czech Republic.

The spelling Primer may be found as well, which is likely a variation of the original form. This may have been used by people such as Zacharias Primer of Germany who is recorded to have lived in 1777.

Another variant is Priva, which may be seen surnames such as the Anthony Priva who was born in Pennsylvania.

Pribbernow may also be found as a variant, referring to specific German lineage as with the current Pribbernow clan of Hamburg, Germany.

The spelling Prebe may also be seen, likely originating from early German lineages as well. This may be seen in the surname of Georg Anton Prebe, who was baptised in 1782 in Germany.

The spelling Prieb may also be seen, which is a variation of Priebisch. This may be found with families such as the Johann Friedrich Priebisch family of Germany who lived in 1741.

Finally, the variant Priebisch may be seen, which may be seen in the surname of Barbara Priebisch of Germany who lived in 1786.

In conclusion, some variants and spellings of the surname Priber include Pribila, Primer, Priva, Pribbernow, Prebe, Prieb, and Priebisch.

Famous people with the name Priber

  • Naomi Priber: Naomi Priber is a South Korean-American actress, screenwriter, and film director. She is known for roles in films such as “First Match” and “Cherry”.
  • Saul Priber: Saul Priber was an Israel-born artist and sculptor. He was a member of the Radical Sculpture Movement in the 1950s.
  • Jan Karol Piber: Jan Karol Piber is a Polish painter and draftsman. He is known for his large canvases of figures, scenes from nature, and portraits.
  • Barbra Priber: Barbra Priber is an American painter and sculptor. She is known for her black-light reactive works, as well as her paintings, prints, and sculptures.
  • David Priber: David Priber is a musician and composer. He has composed and produced music for numerous films and television shows.
  • Abraham Priber: Abraham Priber was a Ukrainian rabbi and Talmudic scholar in the 19th century. He wrote several works, such as Cherev Mashpeh and Keter Aram Tzova, to name a few.
  • Judith Priber: Judith Priber is a French florist who works in the field of botanical art. She has illustrated several books on wildflowers, and creates exquisite flower arrangements.
  • Geo Priber: Geo Priber was a Czechoslovakian scientist, engineer, and politician. He wrote a number of works on technological science and other topics.
  • Minyacht Priber: Minyacht Priber is a Dutch author, known for her children’s books such as The World of Inventors and The Realm of the Curious.
  • Gennady Priber: Gennady Priber was an ethnographer from Ukraine and a professor at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He wrote extensively about Ukrainian culture and customs.

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