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Surname Pring - Meaning and Origin

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Pring: What does the surname Pring mean?

Pring is a surname with British origins, specifically from England. This last name is believed to have geographical roots, being derived from an Old English term "Pringle" which translates to "person who lives at/beside the prong of a river." The word "prong" means a point or projection and could refer to a point in a river. The name was likely first given to individuals or families living near a fork or a pointed shape in a river. As with many surnames, it would initially serve to identify a person based on their location or dwelling place, and over time evolved into a family name passed down through generations. This surname is seen across various countries today, but it remains most common in its region of origin, the United Kingdom. Like many ancient names, different variations and spellings of Pring have also been developed over time.

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Pring: Where does the name Pring come from?

The last name Pring is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly England and Wales. It is an English surname, which originated during the time of the medieval nobility. It was popularized by the English writer and historian John Hugh Pring. It is also commonly found in the United States, where it is believed to have been brought by settlers from England.

In 2018, there were more than 7400 individuals with the surname Pring living in England and Wales combined. The largest numbers of individuals with this surname could be found in London, with almost 600 people. Birmingham and Leeds were next, with a combined total of almost 500 Pring individuals. The highest concentration of individuals with the surname Pring was in the southwestern county of Wiltshire, where almost 500 people with that surname lived at the time.

The United States has the second largest population of Prings, with over 2000 individuals sharing the last name recorded in the US census of 2018. Massachusetts had the highest concentration of the surname, with more than 400 individuals living in the state at that time. California and Florida had the next highest numbers, each with more than 300 Prings.

The surname Pring is still relatively rare, which could be due to its origin with the English elite. However, in modern times, it is not a particularly rare surname and can be found in many countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Pring

The surname Pring is an English and Germanic surname that originated with the Old English pre 7th-century word pring, meaning "spring".

The variants for Pring include Pringle, Prinz, Prent, Prentice, Prynne, Prather, Presbyter, Presser, Price, Preece, Preis and Pries.

The most common spelling variations for Pring include Pringle, Prynne, Prinz, Presser, and Pries.

In the United States, the most common spellings are Pringle, Presser, and Prather. In Scotland, the common variant is Pringle, while in Germany and Austria, the name is typically spelled Prinz and Presser. In France, the spelling is often Prent or Prentice.

Prynne, Price, Preece, and Preis tend to be less common variants of Pring, although in some cases, spelling variants are regional.

Pringle is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word, sringall, which translates as "a cluster of bushes at a spring". The name Pringle is cognate with the Germanic surname Prinz, while Prent and Prentice are derived from the Old French word, prentis, meaning "apprentice".

Prynne and Preis are both derived from the Old French preis or prei(es), meaning "price". Price and Preece may be derived from any of these words, as both names have close associations with commerce and currency. Prather may be derived from praetor, meaning "leader" or "chief". Presby(ter) and Priest both have religious connotations, as they are associated with the priesthood.

Famous people with the name Pring

  • Daisy Pring: British musician, part of the girl group, Gingham
  • Larrance Pring: British graphic and digital artist
  • Matthew Pring: American political consultant, founder of Pring Research
  • Richard Pring: British education expert
  • Benjamin Pring: American futurist & technology expert
  • Jon Pring: British composer and director
  • Siobhan Pring: Irish singer and songwriter
  • Lauren Pring: American voice actress
  • Chris Pring: British actor and writer
  • Yvonne Pring: Trinidadian singer, songwriter, and musician

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