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Surname Quellette - Meaning and Origin

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Quellette: What does the surname Quellette mean?

The last name Quellette is French in origin and is derived from a regional title reference which translates to 'a place near the little wood', referring to a specific area of land. This connection to land ownership indicates that this surname likely belonged to an ancient landowning family who had official standing within their community.

The name may be a variation of the Norman name "Kellet", which was derived from the French word, "kel", meaning small wood or a small area of land that was surrounded by woods. Therefore, someone who had the last name "Quellette" likely owned land consisting of a small wood near it.

Today, the spelling of the name has evolved to Quellette, but its roots remain in Northern France. This name is certain to bring to mind images of an idyllic woodland location. It also implies the presence of a strong bond with the land that has been present for centuries among the Quellette family. In addition, it connotes a sense of security and belonging, something that one can only get with having deep roots in a specific place.

The Quellette surname brings with it a rich ancestral legacy, combined with an enduring connection to the land. Its calming influence is sure to bring a feeling of peace and a sense of stability to its members, allowing them to remain connected to the people and place that has shaped them for centuries.

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Quellette: Where does the name Quellette come from?

The last name Quellette is most commonly found today in Canada, particularly in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Ontario. The name is also present in some regions of the United States, such as Michigan and New England.

The name is of French origin and is believed to have originated in the region of Normandy. Records indicate that the first Quellette family members to arrive in Canada were 16th-century French Huguenots. It is believed that the name was adopted by a family of French immigrants due to its similarity to the French word “quellet”, which roughly translates to “what kind”.

Today, the surname Quellette is mostly found among French-Canadians, but there is also a small presence among French-Americans and francophones of other nationalities. In Canada, the name is most concentrated in French-speaking communities, particularly in the eastern provinces, as well as in some French-speaking towns in the Prairies.

The name Quellette is also associated with a number of prominent people, both in Canada and abroad. This includes French author Émile Quellette, Quebec-born poet Fernand Quellette, and US businessman Pierre Quellette. Taken together, all of these pieces of evidence suggest that today, more than 400 years after its original adoption, the name Quellette is still going strong in Canada and the United States.

Variations of the surname Quellette

The surname Quellette (sometimes also spelled Quellett or Quelette) has its origins in France. It is a habitational name, originating from the town of Quellet in the region of Picardie. There are several spelling variants of the surname, such as Quellett, Quelette, Quel, Quelle, Quelette, Quell and Quells.

The surnames of Quellett, Quelette, and Quellette are all derived from the French town of Quellet. The area was populated in medieval times and the surname became established in the region from that point onwards. Over generations, the spelling of the surname changed in various ways, leading to some of the variants mentioned above.

Surnames of similar origin include Quelett, Quellett, Quellier, Quellard, Quellin, Quellec, Quellot, Quellot, Quello and Quellier.

Many of these names can be found in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States of America. It is believed that the Quellette surname first arrived in Canada and the United States during the seventeenth century.

The surname Quellette is primarily found in Canada, France, and the United States. It is also quite common in Ireland and England. Many people with this surname are still found in the country of origin, France, as well as its surrounding countries.

Famous people with the name Quellette

  • Dempsey Quellett: Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Luvina Quellett: contemporary music artist
  • Taylor Quellett: Canadian actress
  • Lily Quellette: French Milwaukee-based artist
  • Kofi Quellett: Artist & Cultural Creative in Atlanta
  • Ocea Quellett: Guatemalan artist
  • Barbra Quellett: American photographer
  • Barclay Quellett: jazz guitarist from Canada
  • Marta Quellett: French and Latin American choreographer
  • Bryant Quellett: British actor, filmmaker, and activist

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