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Surname Quesenberry - Meaning and Origin

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Quesenberry: What does the surname Quesenberry mean?

The surname Quesenberry can be traced back to English origins and is considered to be a variation of the surname Quisenberry. This surname might have evolved from an Old English place-name such as Quenby (in Leicestershire), which means "queen's settlement" or from places like Queensborough (in Kent), meaning "queen's stronghold". Most surnames that derived from place-names usually have connections to locations in England where either the initial bearer lived, held land, or was born. Nonetheless, another interpretation suggests that it is derived from the Middle English "quene", meaning "queen", and "berie," which can signify a "manor" or "town". So, it might also suggest someone who lived by the queen's manor. Moreover, it is also probable that the original bearers of the surname Quesenberry held a family seat (feudal home) in Yorkshire. As with many surnames that existed centuries ago, numerous variations of spellings could have appeared over time, like Quisenberry, Quesenbury, Quisenbury, Whissenberry, etc. Yet, the exact original meaning and origin of the surname Quesenberry remain speculative.

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Quesenberry: Where does the name Quesenberry come from?

The last name Quesenberry is an uncommon last name in the United States today, but it is still found in a variety of locations. According to the 2019 US Census, the most populated states with this surname are Virginia and West Virginia. It is also found in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and somewhat in Maryland.

The highest concentration of the surname is centered near the Appalachian Mountains along the border of Virginia and West Virginia. The area includes the counties of Russell, Buchanan, Dickenson, Tazewell, Bland, and Wythe. Other vents can be found near the states of North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

The surname was born in the 1700s with the settling of Europeans in the areas now known as Virginia and West Virginia. Today, the surname is still found mainly around the same areas, indicating the family's loyalty to the land. Many individuals of the Quesenberry surname can now be found in various organizations, social media sites, and genealogy sites, all remaining loyal to the surname and its roots in the Appalachians.

Variations of the surname Quesenberry

Quesenberry is primarily a surname of English origin. It is most commonly spelled as Quesenberry, but there are several variants of this surname, both in terms of spelling and other surnames.

Variants of Quesenberry include Quessenberry, Quisenberry, Quisonberry, Quisenbery, Quisenbury, Quisenburry, Quisbery, Quizenberg, and Quisnebery. Other variants of the same origin, such as Kisenberg, Kissenberger, Kysenberg, and Kessenberger might also be related to the Quesenberry surname.

Surnames that may be related to Quesenberry include Kassenbarger, Kessenberger, Kysenburg, Kessenburg, and Cassenberry.

The most popular spelling for the surname Quesenberry is two 's's, but due to the surname having English origins, there are several variations in both spelling and other related surnames. The other surnames and spelling variants listed may not be common, but may still be related to the Quesenberry surname.

Famous people with the name Quesenberry

  • Tony Quesenberry: An American professional stock car racing driver, he is one of the only five drivers in the history of NASCAR to drive for a team owned by his famous father, Nelson Quesenberry.
  • Jay Quesenberry: An American wrestler and former NCAA Division II national champion of the heavyweight division, he is currently working in the field of professional wrestling as a promoter for Xtreme Fight Night Wrestling.
  • Jimmy Quesenberry: Better known as his stage name "Jameson Blaze" or "J.B.", he is an American professional wrestler and bodybuilder. He is currently signed with Pro Wrestling Revolution and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under their WWE SmackDown brand.
  • Kody Quesenberry: American professional motocross racing driver who competed in the 2002 FIM Supercross World Championship. He is currently working as a motocross riding instructor and coach.
  • Stephen Quesenberry: An American theatre actor, he is best known for his roles in musicals such as "The Book of Mormon" and "Kinky Boots".

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