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Surname Robles - Meaning and Origin

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Unravelling the Threads of My Past: My DNA Analysis Experience and the History Behind the 'Robles' Surname at iGENEA

Having undergone a DNA analysis at iGENEA, I've unearthed exciting aspects of my ancestral roots, particularly surrounding my family name 'Robles.' The experience has delved into origins based in Spain, potential Sephardic Jewish ties and Moorish heritage, forming the tapestry of my familial history.

A. Robles

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Robles: What does the surname Robles mean?

Robles is a Spanish surname, it is derived from the word "roble" which means "oak" in English. The name likely originated as a topographic name for someone who lived by an oak tree or an oak forest, or as a habitational name from any of the several places named with this word. Like many Spanish last names, it can be connected to a geographical feature, emphasizing on the simple beauty and strength of the oak tree. Therefore, families sharing the Robles surname may have ancestral roots associated with these regions or have some historical relationship with oak trees.

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Robles: Where does the name Robles come from?

The last name Robles is most commonly found in Latin American countries, particularly in Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. In the United States, the last name Robles is most commonly found along the Southwest border area, including the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. It's a popular Hispanic surname, meaning "oaks" in Spanish, and has been used for centuries in Spain and its former colonies in the Americas.

The Robles surname is derived from the Spanish masculine noun “roble”, meaning “oak”. The roots of this name come from the Latin “robur,” and its original meaning was “great strength”. This last name likely got its start in Spain during its Moorish period, when foreign influence on the language was greatest. This surname was then carried on through generations, eventually leading to its current prevalence in Latin American countries as well as parts of the United States.

Robles is an ancient surname that has survived through centuries of immigration and cultural exchange. Its descendants all over the world can draw strength from the Oak-like resilience of their name, and take pride in its heritage.

Variations of the surname Robles

Robles is a Spanish and Portuguese surname that has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. In Spanish, the name is spelled as Robles and can be used both as a given name or surname. Other Spanish spellings include Roble, Robledo, Robleda, and Roblieste. In Portuguese, this surname is spelled as Rabello, Rabelo, Rabello, Rabello, Rabela, Robello, Robello, and Rabello.

The variants and surnames of the same origin can also include Robles de Medrano, Robles de Segovia, Robles del Castillo, Robles de Arciniega, Robles de Leon, Robles del Campo, Robles de la Vega, Robles de Madrid, Robles de las Mojinas, and Robles de Salvatore.

In Italy, Robles is also an Italian surname and is usually spelled as Rubbo, Rubbi, or Rubei. In Basque, the surname Robles is often spelled as Roble. Other spellings include Rubbio, Robayna, Robón, and Robeño.

In addition, Robles may have a spelling variation in other countries, with certain countries such as Portugal using the spelling Robelles or the more anglicized spelling Robles. Other language variations commonly found in the United States include Roblez, Roblesol, Roblesolo, Roblese, Robleses, Roblesur, and Roblesuy.

In summary, the variants, spellings, and surnames derived from the Robles surname can include a variety of spellings and surnames of the same origin, with different forms based on a country's version of the language.

Famous people with the name Robles

  • Francisco Robles: Mexican actor and director
  • Pilar Robles: Spanish actress
  • Daniel Robles: Venezuelan singer
  • Juan Robles: Spanish water polo player
  • Kassandra Robles: Mexican singer
  • Fernando Robles: Chilean actor
  • Melissa Robles: Colombian model
  • Esteban Robles: Spanish Paralympic athlete
  • Momo Robles: Spanish soccer player 10.Carmen Robles: Venezuelan singer 11.Enrique Robles: Chilean politician 12.Natti Natasha: Dominican singer and songwriter 13.Romy Robles: Mexican actress 14.Lupe Robles: Honduran actress 15.Edgar Robles: Mexican baseball player 16.Eddy Robles: Guatemalan soccer player 17.Giovanni Robles: Chilean boxer 18.Bruno Robles: Brazilian soccer player 19.Gonzalo Robles: Chilean actor 20.Arnoldo Robles: Chilean soccer player

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