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Surname Sabadil - Meaning and Origin

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Sabadil: What does the surname Sabadil mean?

The last name Sabadil is of Spanish or Portuguese origin. It is a variant of the name Sabadell, which comes from a town in Catalonia, Spain and is derived from the Latin phrase “sabatus de villa” which means “Saturday of the town”.

In Spain, Sabadil is most often associated with the word “sabio”, which means “wise” in Spanish. This suggests that a family bearing this name may have had some knowledge or skill that allowed them to provide wisdom to the community.

In Portugal, the meaning of Sabadil is less clear. It may come from the word “sabedoria” which means “wisdom”. Alternatively, it may have come from the word “sábado” which means “Saturday”. Again, this could indicate a family that had some sort of knowledge or skill that was useful in the community.

In conclusion, the last name Sabadil likely comes from Spain or Portugal. It's origins are either related to “wise” or “Saturday”. Whichever of these is accurate, the name carries a sense of a family dedicated to providing wisdom and knowledge to their community.

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Sabadil: Where does the name Sabadil come from?

The surname Sabadil is a very rare surname today. Unfortunately, there is limited information available as to its origin or geographical distribution, but it appears to be mostly found in Portugal, Spain, and a few other European countries.

In Portugal, it is quite common in the area of Porto and in the Azores Islands. As such, it is likely that Sabadil is of Portuguese origin. Similarly, in Spain, it seems to be mainly found in the provinces of Galicia and Madrid. However, it is also present in other European countries like France and Switzerland, as well as in some parts of North and South America.

Overall, Sabadil is a very uncommon last name and, due to limited information available, it's not clear as to where exactly it is most concentrated. It is worth noting, however, that records show that the name has been present in Europe for centuries, with the earliest recorded examples of its presence dating back to the 1500s.

Given its rarity, Sabadil could be a perfect burden bearer for anyone wanting to celebrate their Portuguese, Spanish, or European heritage.

Variations of the surname Sabadil

Sabadil is a surname of Spanish origin. Variations of the name include Sabadilla, Sabadillia, and Sabadius. The name comes from the Latin personal name Sabadius, which is a combination of the Latin name Sabatius (literally meaning “of the Sabbath”, indicating a religious person) and the suffix -dill-, which originated from the German word diel (valley).

In Spain, the Sabadil surname is also found in the forms Sabadell and Sabadel. Similarly, in Portugal the surname appears in the form Sabadela. In Italy, the surname is recorded in the form Sabadelle.

In the United States, the Sabadil surname is also spelled Sabadell, Sabadella, Sabadelle, Sabadilla, and Sabadillia. The name is also found as Sabadies, Sabadius, and Sabadiz.

The Sabadil surname is also associated with other surnames in Spain, including Sabariego, Sabat, and Sabater. Likewise, in Uruguay, the family name is also recorded under the forms Sabadini and Sabadino.

The Sabadil surname can also be found in various other spellings in Latin America, including Sabadin, Sabadino, Sabadon, and Sabanda. In addition, versions of the Sabadil surname are also found in France, where they are recorded as Sabadel, Sabadelle, and Sabadello.

In the United States, as well as in Spain and Latin America, the Sabadil surname is associated with variants such as Sabat, Sabates, Sabatini, Sabatino, Sabato, and Sabatoni.

Famous people with the name Sabadil

  • Luciane Sbardelotto Sabadil: Brazilian singer and composer
  • Estefanía Sabadil: Argentine actress and model
  • Andrés Sabadíl: Spanish politician
  • Carmen Sabadil: Spanish athlete
  • Mario Sabadil: Spanish actor
  • Roberto Sabadil: Brazilian footballer
  • Juan Sabadil: Mexican footballer
  • Jorge Sabadil: Spanish professional cyclist
  • Felga Sabadil: Venezuelan actress
  • José Sabadíl: Spanish illustrator

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