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Surname Sabathiel - Meaning and Origin

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Sabathiel: What does the surname Sabathiel mean?

The last name Sabathiel is of Hebrew origin. It is believed to have been taken from the biblical angel Sabaoth, with the suffix “iel” meaning “God”. As such, the literal meaning of the name is “God of Hosts”, referring to a leader of heavenly armies.

Throughout history, this name has taken on various incarnations with many different spellings. Some of the most common are Sabbaoth, Sidothiel, Sabathiel, Sabatiel and Sabebiel. In fewer locations, the name has been spelled Sabaoth, Sabbuethiel, Sabbzuethiel and Sabazhothiel.

Believers in the Jewish faith consider the name Sabathiel to be very meaningful and significant, as it is symbolic of strength, leadership and protection. It is a common name among Jewish families, and is also adopted by some non-Jewish families who have a penchant for biblical references.

The name Sabathiel is often seen as a reference to the unknown. It evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, while also honoring those who have fought and sacrificed for others. Individuals given this name are typically believed to bring good luck, strength and positivity to those around them.

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Sabathiel: Where does the name Sabathiel come from?

The last name Sabathiel is an uncommon surname today, with the name being found primarily in a few countries in Europe, Central and South America, and Israel.

The majority of people with the last name Sabathiel can be found in France, with people born in the country accounting for about 70% of all those who carry the name. The surname is mostly associated with the departments of Finistère, Morbihan, and La Manche, and is believed to be of Breton origin.

The name can also be found in countries with large French-speaking populations, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, and Switzerland.

In other parts of Central and South America, the name Sabathiel is found among families of Spanish, Basque, and Sephardic Jewish descent. Examples include Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala.

In Israel, the name Sabathiel is mostly common among Jews of Sephardic background, with the name being principally found among Jews with an Iraqi or Syrian background.

Finally, the name is rarely found in the United Kingdom, particularly in the North East of England, in the areas populated by Sephardic Jews who migrated to England from the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Overall, the name Sabathiel is an uncommon one, found primarily in a few regions of Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

Variations of the surname Sabathiel

The surname Sabathiel is derived from the Hebrew language and has many variants and spellings. Some variant versions of this surname include Sabathiel, Sabbetai, Sabbetay, Sabbetaye, Sabbatai, Sabbetei, Sabbtey and Sabato.

The Spanish variants of this surname include Sabatelu, Sabatielu, Sabatiel and Sabatielo. The Portuguese spelling of this surname is Sabatiel and another variant is Sabatiel. In Eastern Europe, the variant spelling for Sabathiel is Sabbatai.

In the United States, many families of Sabathiel spell it Sabbathe and variants such as Sabbathe, Sabathe, Sabatheh, Sabbatte, Sabbatt and Sabatte. In France, it is known as Sabbattier and in Germany some spell it Sabbathausen.

Additionally, Sabathiel is a patronymic surname meaning “son of the Lord” or “gift of God.” Therefore, many different surnames with the same origin may have been derived from the Sabathiel surname, such as Sabat, Sabagh, Sabeh, Sabah, Sabaht, Sabatta, Sabatte, Sabatt, Sabbah, Sabbata, Sabbathe, Sabbatie, Sabbatini, Sabbaton, Sabbatte, Sabbattey, Sabey, Saboit, Sabot, Sabotay, Sabozzi, Sabaito, Sabaiton, Sabottoni, Sabbatini, and Sabbatto.

Famous people with the name Sabathiel

  • Italo Sabathiel, a popular Italian sculptor.
  • Miguel Sabathiel, a political leader in the Philippines.
  • Diego Sabathiel, a Spanish actor.
  • John Sabathiel, a former mayor of New York City.
  • Victor Sabathiel, a former president of Colombia.
  • Carl Sabathiel, an American astronomer.
  • Nate Sabathiel, an American professional basketball player.
  • Nat Sabathiel, an American film producer.
  • Paul Sabathiel, a French artist.
  • Arthur Sabathiel, a German composer.
  • Henri Sabathiel, a French painter.
  • Lucia Sabathiel, a Chilean actress.
  • James Sabathiel, an American clergyman and missionary.
  • Anthony Sabathiel, a Canadian attorney and businessman.
  • Bernard Sabathiel, a French chemist and engineer.
  • Marcela Sabathiel, a Venezuelan professional tennis player.
  • Richard Sabathiel, a German musician.
  • Jean Sabathiel, a French diplomat and politician.
  • Romano Sabathiel, an Italian artist.
  • Louis Sabathiel, a Belgian businessman.

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