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Surname Sabel - Meaning and Origin

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Sabel: What does the surname Sabel mean?

The surname Sabel is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German term "sabel", which means "sable" or "black". This term was often used as a nickname for someone with black hair or a dark complexion, and over time, it evolved into a surname. As a result, the last name Sabel can be interpreted to refer to the characteristic of having dark-colored hair or skin. Additionally, the name can also possess a locational origin, referring to individuals who lived in or were from areas in Germany known as Sabel or Zabel. Like many surnames, Sabel can provide insights into the lineage, historical origins, or ancestral traits of the people who bear it.

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Sabel: Where does the name Sabel come from?

The last name Sabel is common throughout Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, the Sabel surname is most prevalent in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, while in Austria, it is particularly widespread in the states of Vienna and Upper Austria. In Switzerland, the name Sabel is especially common in the Canton of Valais.

The name is also prominent in the United States, with many people of German and Austrian descent bearing the name. According to US Census figures, there are more than 7,000 individuals with the last name Sabel living in the US. Most of these people are concentrated in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Michigan. There are smaller pockets of the Sabel surname spread throughout other states, such as New York, California, Florida, and Virginia.

Overall, the name Sabel is well distributed throughout Europe and the United States. Although most people with the last name have Germanic or Austrian roots, there are also a number of individuals bearing the Sabel name of other heritage backgrounds, as the name has come to symbolize peace and protection.

Variations of the surname Sabel

The surname Sabel is thought to have originated from German, Dutch and Jewish sources. The German and Dutch spellings of Sabel are Sabels, and the Jewish spelling is Sabelis.

In the German language, Sabel is derived from the Middle High German spelling of Sabelle. According to one source, this was a nickname given to someone with a large or strong beard, likely derived from the Old German word “sabel” meaning “saw”.

The Dutch spelling is Sabels. It is derived from the Middle Dutch word Sabelle, meaning “vineyard”, and is believed to have been a name given to someone who lived in or worked in a vineyard.

The Jewish spelling is Sabelis, which is a variation of the German spelling and is thought to have been a name given to someone who was of a Jewish or Hebrew descent.

Variants of Sabel include Sabal, Sabbal, Sabbel, Sabela, Sabella, Sabelle, Sabello, Sabbell, Sabill, Sabillio, Sábel, Sabil and Sabila. Variations of the name in other cultures include Sabela in Portuguese, Chabel in Yiddish, Sabell in Italian, Sabkha in Arabic, and Sakhar in Russian.

Other surnames believed to be of the same origin as Sabel include Savill, Saville, Sabell, Sobel, Savelle, Savel, Saval, and Sevelle.

In summary, Sabel is a surname of Germanic, Dutch and Jewish origins, and has various spellings and variants in other languages. Other surnames believed to be of the same origin include Sabal, Sabbal, Sabbel, Sabell, Sobel, Savelle, Savel, Saval, and Sevelle.

Famous people with the name Sabel

  • Christiaan Sabel: Former Dutch footballer
  • Hans Sabel: German IMPD officer and forensic scientist
  • Eva Sabel: Austrian movie and theatre actress
  • Paul Sabel: former Soviet painter who was a member of the prestigious Union of Artists
  • Sam Sabel: American author, journalist, and film producer
  • Frank Sabel: German techno pioneer
  • Amanda Sabel: Swedish actress
  • Ronald J. Sabel: American neuroscientist and professor of neurology at the University of Florida
  • Emanuel Sabel: Israeli military officer
  • Arthur Sabel: 20th-century modernist architect
  • Heather Sabel: US lawyer and arbitrator
  • David Sabel: British television and podcast producer
  • Ulf Sabel: Swedish creationist
  • Frank Sabel: German educator and philosopher
  • Rossanna Sabel: American musical theater actress, writer, and producer

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