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Surname Sabry - Meaning and Origin

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Sabry: What does the surname Sabry mean?

The last name Sabry is of Arabic origin and is believed to have originated from the Islamic term Sabir which means "the patient one". It is typically found among families of Egyptian descent, however, the Sabry surname is shared with other countries in the Middle East such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others.

The meaning of the name Sabry is derived from Islamic roots and implies patience and tolerance. This could suggest that individuals with the Sabry surname had to endure hardship and remain patient without giving up hope. The interpretation of this word can also mean to bear hardships with a positive attitude and to remain hopeful despite difficult circumstances. This suggests that the Sabry name indicates an individual’s willingness to be patient, tolerant and strong in the face of adversity.

The Sabry surname has been passed down through generations, reflecting the attitudes of the individuals within the family. It is interesting to note the religious associations of the Sabry name and how it has been passed down from generation to generation.

In terms of its origin, the Sabry surname was adopted during the Islamic Expansion period of AD 600-1200, when Muslim communities were known to spread out to locations throughout the Middle East. Looking at the other countries where it is common to find the Sabry surname, it is clear that the Islamic Expansion was influential in the spread of the Sabry name. This suggests that despite centuries of time passing, the positive values and attitudes inherent to the Sabry name remain intact and can still be seen in modern day families.

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Sabry: Where does the name Sabry come from?

The last name Sabry is most commonly found today in the Middle East region, particularly Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Lebanon. It is believed to be derived from the Arabic word "sabr," meaning "patience". Other variants of the last name include Sabry, Sabri, and Sabrye.

The origin of the Sabry family is uncertain, although there is some evidence that it is a tribal name of Northern African origin. It is possible that the family name Sabry originates from the spelling of an Arabic word that sounded similar. Additionally, some believe that the Sabry family claims descent from the Banu Ghassan, a tribe which is believed to have migrated from Syria to Yemen in the fifth century and produced several notable scholars.

The Sabry name can also be found in smaller numbers in other parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and France. It is likely that these Sabrys are descendants of immigrants from the Middle East who have spread their influence all over the world.

Regardless of its origin, the family name Sabry persists today as a testament to a heritage that has been passed down the generations. It is a strong reminder of the plucky attitude of those who made a new home far away from their earlier one and ensured a better future for their descendants.

Variations of the surname Sabry

The surname Sabry is an Arabic name that has spread throughout the Middle East and beyond, becoming a common family name in many countries and cultures.

The most common variants of Sabry are Sabri, Sabbry, Sabery, and Sabra. Spellings of the surname Sabry may vary depending on the language, including Sabry, Sabbrie, Sabriy, Sabree, Saberey, Sabrei, and Sabre.

The surname Sabry has also been adapted by other cultures over the centuries, resulting in further spelling variations and surnames. In countries such as France and Italy it is spelled Sabry, while in some Latin American countries it is spelled Sabri. In Greece it is often spelled Sabrey, Siberry, or Sibery.

In Arabic countries, different dialects of the language can also result in variations in the spelling of Sabry such as Sabri, Sabry, Sabray, Sabar, Sebri, and Sibry.

In English, the surname Sabry can also be sometimes found spelled as Sabraey or Sabrey.

Other Surnames of the same origin include Sabre, Sabriye, Sabbri, Sabbriye, Sabbriyya, Sabbrey, Sabreya, Sabreyah, Sabree, Sabriyya, Sabbriyyah, Sebree, Sabbriyah, Sabbriyyah, Sabar, Sabbare, and Sabariah.

Famous people with the name Sabry

  • Mohannad Sabry: Egyptian investigative journalist and television presenter.
  • Regida Sabry: Egyptian actress.
  • Hussam Sabry: Tunisian composer, actor, and singer.
  • Ali Sabry: Sri Lankan lawyer and politician.
  • Marwa Sabry: Egyptian mechanical engineer, professor, and Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament from 2010 to 2011.
  • Hussein Sabry: Syrian singer and songwriter.
  • Mahmoud Sabry: Egyptian sculptor and painter.
  • Donia Sabry: Egyptian singer and actress.
  • Saied Sabry: Iraqi musician and singer.
  • Hussien Sabry: Egyptian singer and actor.

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