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Surname Sachary - Meaning and Origin

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Sachary: What does the surname Sachary mean?

The last name Sachary is likely derived from the Hebrew name Zachary, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew name Zechariah. The name means "God has remembered" or "God remembers" and is derived from the Hebrew words zakar (to remember) and Yahweh (God's name).

The Biblical Zechariah was a son of priest Berachiah and prophet to the House of Judah who wrote the Book of Zechariah in the Old Testament. He is also mentioned in the Gospel of Luke as the father of John the Baptist.

In some cultures, particularly in Germanic countries, the last name Sachary was also used as a shortened form of Alexander, which originates from the Latin for "defender of mankind". Alexander the Great was a famously successful and powerful Macedonian king of Ancient Greece.

Today, the name Sachary is predominantly found in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, though it can be found elsewhere. Outside of English and German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the name is usually anglicized to Zachary.

In modern times, the last name Sachary is associated with the personalities, likes, and characteristics of those who bear it. Generally, people with the last name Sachary are reported to be active, friendly, and lively. They tend to be open-minded, creative, and passionate, and they are often successful in all areas of life.

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Sachary: Where does the name Sachary come from?

The last name Sachary is most common in India, specifically in the states of Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Punjab. It is also found in Hungary, Germany, and the United States.

The Sachary surname may be derived from ‘sachar', meaning gentleman or one of authority in the Hindi language. It might also have evolved from the Sanskrit word ‘shasthrar', meaning one who is proficient in astrology or the sciences.

In India, the Sachary clan is found mainly among the Kshatriya caste or warriors. This is a traditional Indian caste divided into a number of military or ruling clans known as 'kutumba', or 'family'. Other clans include the Brahmans and Vaishyas. This caste system was developed over thousands of years and is still in use today.

In the United States, there are currently around 860 people with the last name Sachary. They are mostly concentrated in California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

The Sachary family appears to have been historically well-versed in the education and use of technology, making the Sachary family name a prestigious one in India.

Variations of the surname Sachary

The surname Sachary is a derivative of the surname Zachary and can also be spelled in a variety of ways, including Sachary, Zachary, Zacary, Zacari, Zachari, Zacharias, Zachariah, Zacharie, and more. Additionally, surnames of a similar origin may include Sacharie, Zacar, Zacharia, and Zacharius.

The surname Zachary is derived from the Hebrew name “Zachariah,” which means “memory of the Lord” or “remembrance of God.” Individuals with this surname may have originated from England, Scotland, or Ireland.

In terms of variants or spellings, the surname Sachary could be written as "Sacharie," a derivative of both the English and French words "sack" (toasted barley) and "erie" (estate) primarily found in Quebec, Canada. It could also be written as "Zacar," a variant of Zachary found in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Additionally, variants of Sachary include “Zachari," a Lithuanian variant of Zachary which means "remembrance of God", "Zacharias," an Old Greek surname derived from the Hebrew name for "God-remembered” and "Zachariah," a Hebrew given name meaning “the Lord remembers”.

Surnames of similar origin to Sachary could also include "Zacari," a Latin variant of Zachary, "Zacharie," a French variant of Zachary, and "Zacharius," an Arabic variant of Zachary.

In sum, the surname Sachary has its origins in the Hebrew name “Zachariah,” which means “memory of the Lord” or “remembrance of God.” Variants, spellings, and similar surnames include Sacharie, Zacar, Zachari, Zacharias, Zachariah, Zacharie, Zacari, Zacharius, and more.

Famous people with the name Sachary

  • David Sachary: Israeli actor and director
  • Michael Sachary: American politician and former member of the Georgia House of Representatives
  • Abbie Sachary: New Zealand singer songwriter
  • Peader Sachary: Irish folk singer
  • Sidney Sachary: American musician and composer
  • Mark Sachary: American actor
  • Tole Sachary: Zimbabwean cricketer
  • Wayne Sachary: American banker
  • Brandon Sachary: American radio personality
  • Jordan Sachary: Canadian politician and businessman
  • Dov Sachary: Israeli author and translator
  • Gil Sachary: American lawyer
  • Ben Sachary: American composer and comedian
  • Harry Sachary: English footballer
  • Paul Sachary: American dancer and choreographer
  • Stephen Sachary: British politician and baron
  • Lionel Sachary: French football manager
  • Bob Sachary: Australian actor and comedian
  • Yekutiel Sachary: Israeli physicist
  • Andrew Sachary: US-based human rights advocate.

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