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Surname Sackin - Meaning and Origin

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Sackin: What does the surname Sackin mean?

The last name Sackin is of Ashkenazic (eastern European) Jewish origin and is derived from the German-Jewish surname Sachsen or Zaksen. It most likely came from a place name in the region of Sachsen (Saxony) and was likely taken on by Jews who settled there either in the Middle Ages or during the early modern period.

The element ‘sack’ in the name sackin derived from the German "sachen" or "sachsen" meaning ‘coming from/related to Saxony’. The suffix -in added to the name may have derived from the Yiddish diminutive suffix -in, suggesting family and affection.

People of this surname are likely to be descended from the tribes of the Khazars. This is an ancient Turkic people who converted to Judaism and are thought to have eventually settled in the Covenant (Khazarian March) which is today a part of Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Today the Sackin surname is widely distributed throughout the world, with a significant population in Israel, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Its history reflects the complex and often tumultuous roots of Jewish migration out of Europe and across the world.

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Sackin: Where does the name Sackin come from?

The Sackin surname is common today throughout Europe and the United States. In Europe, Germany is known for having a large concentration of Sackin families. In particular, families with the last name Sackin can be found in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt.

In the United States, Sackin is a common surname in certain areas, especially in the Northeast region. New York has the highest concentration of people with the Sackin surname according to US Census data. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut also have a few thousand people with the Sackin name.

Additionally, Sackin is also found in some pockets of Israel, particularly in major cities such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The surname is also quite common amongst Jewish families of Eastern European descent, with many having immigrated to various countries in search of a better life in past centuries.

The Sackin surname can also be found in other countries in small numbers, including but not limited to, Australia, Canada, and a few countries in South America. It is also possible to find those with the name Sackin in many cities around the world, including Singapore, Shanghai, and Bangkok.

Variations of the surname Sackin

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Sackin include Sakin, Sakinoff, Sackinov, Sakhnin, Sakhnov, Sakharov, Sachen, Saches, Sachs, Sackheim, Sackloff, Sackeim, Sackman, Sakain, Saken, Sakieff, Sachsman, and Sacks.

The surname Sackin can be traced back to two different origins; one from the Middle East and one from Central and Eastern Europe. One version of the name is derived from the Hebrew word “sakin”, which literally means “sword” and was the name of an ancient Jewish tribe. This origin can be seen in variants such as Sakin and Sakinoff. In Arabic-speaking countries the word is spelled “sakhnin”, and this version can be used in Eastern and Central European versions of the name, such as Sakhnov and Sakharov.

The other version of the surname comes from the Central and Eastern European name “šakīn”, which was a nickname for a watchful person or a sentry. Variants of this version include Sachen, Saches, Sachs, Sackheim, Sackloff, Sackeim, Sackman, Sakain, Saken, Sakieff, and Sachsman.

The spelling and pronunciation of surnames has changed over the years as people have migrated and taken their surnames with them. As a result, there is now a wide variety of variants of the same root surnames including Sackin.

Famous people with the name Sackin

  • David Sackin: A professor of Political Science at Toronto's York University. He is best known for his research into Canadian federalism and theories of justice.
  • Henry Sackin: A fashion designer who has a line of luxury menswear.
  • Jamie Sackin: A comedian, writer, and producer who is best known for his appearances on Comedy Central and The Late Show With David Letterman.
  • Harold Sackin: An American civil rights advocate and longtime civic leader in Chicago.
  • Jill Sackin: An American photographer acclaimed for her work in portraiture and environmental landscapes.
  • Patricia Sackin: A former United Nations official who is active in the global fight against poverty, climate change, and gender-based violence.
  • Ralph Sackin: An American venture capitalist and philanthropist.
  • Terri Sackin: A prominent American legal scholar and expert on international law.
  • Adrienne Sackin: An American actress who has featured in multiple film, television, and stage productions.
  • Natalie Sackin: A children's author and editor who has written multiple books about animals and nature.

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