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Surname Sacrey - Meaning and Origin

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Sacrey: What does the surname Sacrey mean?

The last name Sacrey is believed to be of French origin, and it likely derives from the Latin word 'sacrae', meaning 'sacred'. The name most likely refers to a person of religious importance, such as a priest or monk.

In contemporary French, the word 'sacre' can also mean 'swearing' or 'cursing', though this is not the origin of the last name Sacrey. In French records, variations of the name Sacrey were associated with a family of nobility from the Perche region in Northern France.

As the name spread to other areas of Europe, it was adapted into local languages, and today can be found as Sacrey, Sacré, Sacréy, Sakere, Sacher, Sakry, Sacheri, Sacery, Saukry, Spaere, Sakeri and Sekri.

The name Sacrey is known to have spread to Canada and the United States, with the first known recorded mention of the family occurring in 17th century New France. It is believed that the first Sacrey family in Canada was Pierre Lacombe Sacrey, who was born in Ville de la Perche, France in 1637.

Over the years, the Sacrey family has spread across the globe, but continues to have French roots. For those families named Sacrey, the name provides a link to their ancestors, and to a history that is centuries old.

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Sacrey: Where does the name Sacrey come from?

The last name Sacrey is mainly found in the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, with most of the population concentrated in the Avalon Peninsula in the east of Newfoundland. It is a rare last name in other parts of the world.

The name is thought to be derived from the French name Saint-Cri, which was shortened to Sacrey in some areas and to Treaty in other areas. The surname is believed to have been brought to Newfoundland by immigrants from France’s nearby islands of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. The name is sometimes spelled Sarkie, Seskery, Seserke, Sacaray or Sicaray, but Sacrey remains the most common spelling.

In the 2016 Canadian Census, Sacrey ranked as the 3973rd most common surname in Canada with 717 individuals bearing the surname. Of the 717 individuals, 607 were residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the rest were found in other provinces and territories. While it is not widely known outside of Canada, Sacrey is increasingly used in the maritime provinces.

In short, the surname Sacrey is mainly associated with Newfoundland and Labrador, and is becoming more common in the other provinces of Canada, although it is not a common surname outside of Canada.

Variations of the surname Sacrey

Sacrey (or Saccrey) is a French, English, Irish, and Manx surname which is derived from the Old French word “sacrer”, meaning “to sanctify or consecrate”. It is a patronymic name which was given to a person who was the child of an individual who was “consecrated” or “set apart” which could refer to anyone from a priest to a village leader. The spelling of the surname varies depending on the country of origin. Variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Sacre, Sacres, Sacrey, Sicar, Savery, Savage and Sachard.

In France, the name is most often spelled Sacré, Sacres, or Sacrey. In England and Ireland, the spelling is often Saccrey. In the Isle of Man, the spelling is usually Savage. In Canada and the United States, a variant form of the name is Sicar, which most likely originated from the French spelling.

The surname has been found most commonly in the mainland UK, including the counties of Devon Cornwall and Somerset in southwestern England. It has also been found in Jersey, Channel Islands; as well as Isle of Man. In Ireland, it is most commonly found in Kilkenny, Dublin, and Mayo. In North America, it is found in the United States, most commonly in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania; and in the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Sacrey is a well-known surname in Canada and the United States, and can also be found in many other countries throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Norway, and Belgium.

Famous people with the name Sacrey

  • Catherine Sacrey: Canadian hockey player.
  • Kendall Sacrey: Canadian sprint kayaker.
  • Lauren Sacrey: Canadian freestyle swimmer.
  • Michelle Sacrey Philpott: Canadian Paralympic swimmer.
  • Justin Sacrey: American basketball player.
  • Hope Sacrey: Canadian actress.
  • Antoine Sacrey: Canadian Olympic field hockey player.
  • Dennis Sacrey: Canadian politician.
  • Bernard Sacrey: Canadian politician.
  • John Sacrey: Canadian chief executive and aerospace executive.
  • Jak Sidorowicz Sacrey: Canadian artist and cartoonist.
  • Michelle Sacrey Philpott: Canadian bodybuilder and personal trainer.
  • Grace Sacrey: Canadian rugby player.
  • Jordan Sacrey: Canadian basketball player.
  • Warren Sacrey: Canadian footballer.
  • Vanessa Sacrey: Canadian figure skater.
  • Justin Sacrey: American voice actor.
  • Matthew Sacrey: Canadian songwriter and musician.
  • Talitha Sacrey: Canadian slam poet and author.
  • Matthew Sacrey: Canadian skateboarder.

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