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Surname Sage - Meaning and Origin

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Sage: What does the surname Sage mean?

The last name Sage originates from both French and English roots. In English, it is derived from the Old English word "sæge" meaning a wise person, particularly a learned or sagacious man or spiritual healer. This name had been given to a person who was considered wise or had gained wisdom and respect through age and experience.

In French, Sage is also derived from the old French word "sage" which translates to wise or prudent. It was often used as a nickname for someone of wise or sagacious disposition. In some cases, it may also be derived from the herb with the same name, possibly indicating someone who grew or used it.

Overall, the surname Sage usually denotes someone who is intelligent, wise, or prudent, with implications of respect for their wisdom or knowledge. The name could have also been given as an occupational name to those involved in growing or using the sage herb.

Sage: Where does the name Sage come from?

The last name Sage is found primarily in North America and Europe. In the United States it is most common in the West, with the greatest concentration in California and Oregon. In Canada, it is most common in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as the country's northern territories. Sage is also a fairly common last name in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It can also be found in some former European colonies, such as Australia and New Zealand.

Sage has a Germanic origin, and is derived from an old word meaning “wise”. A similar surname exists in English-speaking countries such as Ireland, although it isn’t as common. In France, there is a similar name; Saige, which is even more widespread. It is thought that the French version is related to a Norse word meaning “she-wolf”.

The meaning of the surname Sage has influenced how people with the name have been viewed throughout the years. Generally, the name Sage has been associated with wisdom and intelligence, and people with the name have traditionally been seen as wise decision makers. Today, this is still true for many people with the surname Sage, including famous people like the late US senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. Andrew F. Szymanski, and the writer and poet E.B. White.

Variations of the surname Sage

The surname Sage can have several different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The origin of the surname is from the Old French "Sauge" which means "wise". Many variants and spellings of the surname Sage come from the original Old French and Middle English roots of the name. Some of the other variants include Sag, Sager, Sayger, Sagg, Sagge, Saegge, Saige, Sagu, Saeg, Saeyge, Saig, Sayg, and Seige. There are also several other surname variants that have different roots, such as Saugey, Segge, Seg, Sagey, Segg, Saige, and Saygge.

In addition to the variants and spellings of the surname Sage, there are also surnames of the same origin. These include Saffert, Sager, Saage, Seager, Segge, Saig, Seige, Saige, Segge, Saeyge, Saeg, Saegge, and Saigge. These surnames are likely to have evolved from the same root as Sage, and are interchangeable with the Sage surname.

The surnames derived from Sage are widely spread throughout the world, from Europe to North America, and are likely to have been adopted by other cultures throughout the centuries.

Famous people with the name Sage

  • Julianne Sage: She is an Instagram influencer known for her fashion and lifestyle tips.
  • Rich Sage: He is a professional golfer and the winner of the 2017 PGA Tour Player of the Year award.
  • Ben Sage: He is an American hip-hop artist who is a member of the hip-hop collective ‘Broken Equipment’.
  • Gretchen Sage: She is an American actress best known for her role as Sue in the short film ‘Life In A Bottle’.
  • Mark Sage: He is an entrepreneur and former CEO of B2B e-commerce platform Infobank Exchange.
  • Aaron Sage: He is a professional chef and the author of the cookbook ‘Gourmet Delicious’.
  • Chris Sage: He is a business consultant and the CEO of MyCityTracks, a website dedicated to helping businesses improve their customer service.
  • Caroline Sage: She is the founder of the UK's largest pregnancy and baby charity, ‘The Little Star Foundation’.
  • Mike Sage: He is a former professional baseball player that was an All-Star pitcher.
  • Lindsey Sage: She is a makeup artist and YouTube vlogger who is also the founder of the ‘Beauty with Lindsey Sage’ company.

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