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Surname Saldana - Meaning and Origin

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Saldana: What does the surname Saldana mean?

The last name Saldana is derived from the Spanish language and often associated with individuals who have roots or ancestry from many parts of Latin America, primarily Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. It is usually believed that the last name Saldana means “ salty”, as the literal translation of the word is “saltador” or “boaster".

The name also indicates either occupation or geographic origin. In occupational contexts, the name may have been given to salt merchants or those associated with salt-related operations such as salting and curing foods. In geographic contexts, it may refer to those living by salt-producing bodies of water, such as the ocean, or near salt-producing land formations.

The common Coat of Arms for the Saldana family depicts a silver mountain with a merman holding a black rock in one hand and a rat in the other. It is believed that this animal was used to symbolize strength, protection, and adaptability.

While the precise origin of the Saldana name is still a mystery, what is known is that the family has a long and proud history that includes a wide variety of individuals who have made significant contributions in all facets of life. From its humble beginnings, the Saldana family is one that has come to be known for hard work, dedication, and resilience, and these are values that continue to be held in the highest regard by its members today.

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Saldana: Where does the name Saldana come from?

The last name Saldana is most common today in South America, particularly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, and Argentina. It is also prevalent in Central America in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

In the United States, the Saldana last name is most prominently found in California, Texas, and Illinois. Other states where it is encountered with some frequency include Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Arizona. This last name is also found in Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and throughout Latin America.

The Saldana surname has its roots in the Basque region of Spain, where it is found in abundance and is known as Zaldua. It is likely derived from the Latin phrase “salus divina” meaning “divine health”. This could be a reference to an ancestral occupation or a religious connotation.

The name Saldana is derived from a patronymic. It was initially used as a reference to a son of someone named Saldo, a diminutive of the name Salvador meaning “savior”.

In recent times, Saldana has gained prominence due to the actress Zoe Saldana, whose family name is of Dominican Republic origin. She has used her position to promote cultural causes and educate the public about Dominican heritage.

Variations of the surname Saldana

The surname Saldana has several variants and spellings, all deriving from its Spanish origin. Saldaña is a common variant of Saldana, with the same origin and meaning. This variant omits the final n of the surname, making use of the Spanish convention that involves dropping the final letter of a word when needed.

An even more common variant is Saldivar, which uses the Spanish conjugation of the adjective Saldo (meaning payable or owing) to denote a ‘bearer of the debt’. This surname was historically given to those who paid off an ancestor's debt, in order to honor their service.

Other common variants of Saldana include Salado, Saladian, Salady, Saleana, Salinas, Salvlana, or Sellana. Salesson and Salega are additional examples of Saldana spellings, usually found in Portugal and abroad.

In addition, several surnames that have a similar origin to Saldana exist, such as Salgado, Salgueiro, Salles, and Sanz. These surnames use different origins but share the same Spanish-language etymological roots, often resulting from regional variants in their countries of origin.

Famous people with the name Saldana

  • Zoe Saldana: an American actress known for her roles in franchises like Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek.
  • Marco Saldana: a Mexican actor, director and screenwriter.
  • Karla Saldaña: a Spanish actress who has had roles in films like The Clone and Fugitive Minds.
  • Luis Saldaña: a Colombian soap opera actor.
  • David Saldaña: an American singer-songwriter and instrumentalist who has toured with the Eagles.
  • Najwa Saldaña: an American actress and writer.
  • María Dolores Saldaña: a Mexican actress known for her roles in films such as Only in the Movies and The Inseparable.
  • Ana Saldaña: an American philanthropist, entrepreneur and real estate investor.
  • Víctor Hugo Saldaña: a Mexican actor best known for his roles in Ave de Sombra (2007) and El Eclipse de Luna (2014).
  • Juan Saldaña: a Mexican-born musician, producer and writer. He is a member of the Los Angeles-based Latin rock band, Little Joy.
  • Rodrigo Saldaña: a French football player who currently plays for ASO Chlef in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1.
  • Marcos Saldaña: a former Argentine football coach and player who had a stint in the Primera División.
  • Sandra Saldaña: an American caller, dance instructor, and choreographer of contra dancing and Cajun and Zydeco dance.
  • Christian Saldana: an American professional skateboarder sponsored by Flip Skateboards.
  • Mario Estuardo Saldaña: a former Guatemalan football player who has competed in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.
  • Yolanda Saldaña: a Cuban painter and Brexit Party politician currently serving as Member of the European Parliament.
  • BWL Saldaña: a Chilean Twitch streamer who became known for his competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive play.

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