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Surname Sales - Meaning and Origin

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J. Sales

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Sales: What does the surname Sales mean?

The last name Sales can have two possible origins. It could be an occupational surname, meaning it was derived from a job that the original bearer of the name had. In this case, the surname derives from the Old French word for salt, so it is likely that the original bearer of the name either sold salt or was involved in its production or production-related activities.

The other possible origin of the name Sales is that it is derived from a place name. This is particularly likely if the name is found in a particular region within a country. In this case, the surname would have arisen when someone from a village or hamlet called Sales, or a person who lived near such a place, moved to another area and was identified by the name of the place they had come from.

In either scenario, the surname Sales means "from Sales", where "Sales" can refer to a job or a place. It is likely to have a linguistic origin, derived from an Old French word.

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Sales: Where does the name Sales come from?

The surname Sales is a common last name today in many countries. It is most often found in areas that have strong Portuguese or Spanish cultural influences, such as Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and Central and South American countries. It is also a common surname in Southern European countries such as Italy, France and Greece.

The meanings of the surname Sales vary, but it most often refers to someone who was employed as a salesman in the past. Another frequent definition for the name is someone who lived near who owned a salt works, derived from the Latin idiom ‘vendere salem’, which translates to ‘sell salt’. The name may also refer to someone of the Sale or Salecs family, originating in the name ‘Salicano’.

In the United States, the surname Sales can be found in nearly every state, especially in the Southeast. In other regions, it is particularly common in California, Texas and Illinois.

In the United Kingdom, the surname Sales is most frequently encountered in East Anglia and the Isle of Wight. It is also found scattered throughout the rest of the United Kingdom, especially in London. Members of the Sales family can also be found in various other countries throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan.

Variations of the surname Sales

Sales is a surname of French origin, derived from the Latin word "salianus" which comes from the word "sal" meaning "to leap". Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Sales include Salé, Salés, Salès, Salés, Salles, and Salls.

The most common variation of Sales is Salé, which is commonly found in France and is of French descent. The variants Salles and Salls are also quite common and are both derived from the Salé variant. Salés and Salès however, are found less frequently and instead more common in Spain and Italy.

Sales is also sometimes spelt Salis (or Saliz in French), which is mostly found in Germany and Switzerland. There have also been several variants of the Sales surname that have surfaced over the years. Those include Salest, Salust, Salez, Sausle, Sausles, Saliste, and Salses. All of these variants are derived from the same Latin root, but the spelling has been changed due to different linguistic influences over time.

It is also important to note that Sales is a somewhat common given name, and that there are people who have taken this as their surname. This especially occurs in Spanish-speaking countries. An example of this is Pedro de Sales, a Spanish missionary and collector of South American ethnography, who is credited with introducing the Sales name to South America.

Famous people with the name Sales

  • Lou Sales: American actress, best known for her roles on the TV show Designing Women and the film Waiting To Exhale.
  • Joan Sales: Spanish poet and playwright, who was also a member of the Generation of '27 and an important figure in Catalan history.
  • Steve Sales: Professional boxer from the United States who held world titles in two different weight classes.
  • Phil Sales: Former Australian rules football player who played for the Sydney Swans.
  • Victor Sales: Italian professional basketball player who plays for the Auxilium CUS Torino.
  • Frank Sales: Canadian rock musician and guitarist, best known for his work in the band The Box.
  • Chantelle Sales: Barbadian Singer-Songwriter and R&B Artist.
  • Candace Sales: American fashion model and actress, appearing in music videos and on the red carpet.
  • Lorenzo Sales: American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Yung Jesus.
  • Nicky Sales: British politician and a Green Party Member of the London Assembly.

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