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My Emotional Journey Discovering the Salewski Heritage via iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Salewski

Delving into the rich lineage of the Salewski surname through iGENEA DNA test, a blend of emotions including curiosity, anticipation and final enlightenment revealed a global citizen within, redefining the legacy of a family and the sense of identity.

Embracing my roots with iGENEA has been an emotional rollercoaster. Searching for my biological lineage has always been on my wish-list ever since I realized the complexity held in the identity of 'Salewski.' I felt like a lost star searching for its galaxy. Then arrived iGENEA; the compass that would guide me home.

As the company describes, my journey through DNA indeed unfolded only after getting the iGENEA test. Receiving the kit and swabbing my mouth brought initial excitement, then a wave of nervous anticipation. It was as though I had opened a pandora's box of the past and future - a simple salute to the numerous ancestors traced back from WHERE I came and a silent promise to the ones yet to come a step towards knowing WHO they would come from.

My heart echoed with uncertainty as I sent back the kit. The process was easy, but emotionally, it felt like I was sending a piece of my identity away, waiting for it to be verified, contextualized, and returned in a new form. When the results arrived, the ticklish nervous feeling grew intense, mounting every second.

The revelation was moving. I am not just a Salewski; I am a global citizen with roots zigzagging through continents, cultures, and timelines. My DNA is a cocktail of countless heroic tales of survival, scripted over millennia. Unveiling my mixed ancestry was like stepping into a maze that broadened my horizon.

This DNA test turned my perception of the Salewski lineage upside down. I was always proud of my family surname, but after this profound revelation, the pride has grown manifold. It has reshaped my understanding, making me realize that we are not just a family, but a legacy that has stood the test of time, carrying on the tales from the past imprinted in our DNA.

In retrospect, my experience with iGENEA has been a deep emotional dive into understanding who I am. Multilayered emotions of curiosity, anxiety, anticipation, and final enlightenment have truly made this DNA journey a cherished memory. No longer am I a lost star; I know where I belong – rooted in the grand chronicle of the Salewski lineage.

A. Salewski

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