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Surname Sames - Meaning and Origin

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Sames: What does the surname Sames mean?

The last name Sames is likely derived from the ancient Hebrew word "shemesh", meaning sun. This could be a reference to the sun in a spiritual or cultural sense, as the sun was an important source of energy and life for many civilizations. In Judaism, it has been linked to God's illumination of the world and God's divine presence in the world. It has also been used in Christianity as a metaphor for Jesus, as he is known as the "light of the world". The surname Sames has been found in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries throughout Europe, as well as in some parts of the United States.

The Sames surname is most commonly found among Ashkenazi Jews in Austria, Germany, and the United States. In all of these locations, it has been associated with a Jewish cultural heritage, likely from centuries past. The roots of the name suggest that a long line of family members have kept a traditional lifestyle and continue to honor their heritage.

Today, the Sames name has become a symbol of a rich culture that has been passed down from generation to generation. It serves as a reminder of the importance of family and community, as well as of the importance of religious and cultural traditions. Families who carry the Sames name can be proud of their heritage and sure in the knowledge that their name will remain part of their family's legacy for many generations to come.

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Sames: Where does the name Sames come from?

Today, the last name Sames is especially common in Germany. It is believed to be derived from the German personal name "Sami" and is derived from the Old German "sam", which means “guardian”. In addition, Sames is a very popular last name in Luxembourg, with over 1,000 people bearing the name.

The surname is also found throughout Europe’s Germanic regions, such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. In the United States, the last name Sames is found in many states, including Texas, Wisconsin, and New Mexico. It is especially popular around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where each year a Sames Family Reunion is held to celebrate the family's ancestry.

Outside of Europe, Sames is an especially common last name in South Africa, where it has been in use since before the 17th century. Interestingly, the name here is often rendered as "Samuels", which is derived from the Hebrew form of the name. It is believed that this is due to the fact that many Jewish immigrants from Germany and Austria arrived in South Africa during the 1800s.

Overall, the last name Sames is quite popular in many countries around the world. Its history is filled with interesting details, and its availability in various languages only helps to make it even more interesting.

Variations of the surname Sames

The surname Sames has a variety of variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common variations include Sames, Saimes, Saems, Saymes, Saymse, Saims, and Seyms. Other variants of this surname include Saymeys, Simas, Seames, and Seimes.

The surname Sames likely originated from early German immigrants who settled in America and brought with them the German language. The name Sames is thought to be derived from the German words "samen" or “samenen,” which mean "to gather, assemble, or put together." Therefore, Sames is thought to have meant "the one who either gathered or assembled a group of people together."

In the French language, Sames is often spelled "Saims" or "Sayms." Similarly, it is spelled "Saimes" in Dutch, Greek, and Latin.

The spellings Simas and Seyms have similar roots to Sames; they are derived from the Latin words "similes," meaning "resembling," suggesting that this surname likely referred to someone who was very similar or shared characteristics with another person.

Seames and Seimes are thought to be derived from the Greek word "haima," meaning "blood," suggesting that this surname referred to someone who was related by blood or shared the same heritage.

Overall, the surname Sames has many different variants, spellings, and surnames all of the same origin, making it difficult for researchers to trace its origin and meaning.

Famous people with the name Sames

  • Gia Sames: actress
  • Fanny Sames: artist, student of Napoleon III’s court painter, Franz Xaver Winterhalter
  • Casey Sames: artist, neon sculptor and photographer
  • Jamey Sames: professional darts player
  • Tony Sames: actor and stuntman
  • Gwendolyn Sames: author, writing coach and professional speaker
  • Jan Sames: Czech politician and writer
  • Raymond Sames: American politician
  • J Dilla (James Yancey)– late hip hop producer, composer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
  • Matt Sames: Chef and Instagram foodie
  • Margaret Sames: opera singer
  • Joyce D. Sames: educational psychologist
  • Wes Sames: former player for the Washington State Cougars men’s basketball team
  • Chad Sames: actor, writer and comedian
  • Scott Sames: triple jumper
  • Jenna Sames: professional singer
  • Jessica Sames: Badminton Europe Women’s Singles Bronze medallist.
  • Mark Sames: former Bishop of Mid-Michigan
  • Paul Sames: Belgian loudspeaker manufacturer

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