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Surname Sampey - Meaning and Origin

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Sampey: What does the surname Sampey mean?

The last name Sampey is of English origin. It is considered a variant of the name "Sampo" which has Scandinavian roots. The etymology of the name can also be traced back to the Old English word "Sandpyt" meaning "sandy pit." This indicates it could be a topographic name for someone who lived near or worked in a sandy area or pit. Like many surnames, geographical features were often used to identify individuals or communities in their locale. The surname has its highest prevalence in the United States but remains quite rare. It should be noted that the meaning and origin of a surname can be influenced by migration, regional dialects, and time, thus the interpretation of the last name Sampey might vary.

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Sampey: Where does the name Sampey come from?

The surname Sampey is most commonly found in the United States, especially in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. In Louisiana, Sampey is the 18th most common surname, while in Mississippi, it is the 8th most common surname.

The Sampey surname has a lengthy history in the southeastern United States, with the first known Sampeys arriving to America in the late 1600s. The first family named Sampey arrived in Maryland in 1719, and other Sampeys followed to Louisiana in the 1730s. The Sampeys were originally French-speakers, though over at least two centuries their descendants adopted English as their primary language.

The Sampey family in the United States can trace its origins to three primary lines, each connecting back to the family’s French predecessors in the 1600s. According to Sampey family genealogists, one line first settled in Maryland in 1719, while the other two lines first settled in Louisiana at a later time, potentially in the 1730s or 1740s.

Though profiled, documented, and tracked for generations, today the Sampey surname is rather diffuse and scattered around the country. Louisiana and Mississippi are the two states with the highest Sampey populations, though other Sampeys can be found in Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, and other states across the nation. Despite their widespread distribution, the Sampey family’s long and deep roots in the southeastern United States form a cohesive base that links these families together.

Variations of the surname Sampey

The surname Sampey is thought to have originated in England and originated as an occupational name for a samp maker, who is a person who makes samp, which is a coarse grain or cereal. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Sampey include Sampy, Sampee, Sampeey, Sampea, Sampie, Sampi, Samper, Samphire, Samphier, Samphiere and Sampher.

The surname first originated in England before the 1500s, and could be found mainly in the counties of Somerset and Cornwall. It subsequently migrated to the United States of America in the 1600s, and with time, the spelling was changed various times. An example of this can be seen in a record from 1751, where the spelling is listed as Sampy.

In the United States, original variants and spellings of Sampey were found mainly in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana in the Southern American states, and spread to other parts of the United States and Canada over the years. It is also believed to have spread to Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world as people migrated seeking out jobs and different opportunities.

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Sampey have all played an important role in tracing the history of the family name, and in locating their original homes. As each spelling evolved with each migration, it has also enabled researchers to gain a better understanding of how the word traveled around the world and mixed with other cultures, resulting in new spellings and variations.

Famous people with the name Sampey

  • Greg Sampey: professional American football player
  • Terry Sampey: former professional American football player
  • Chris Sampey: professional ice hockey player
  • Bryant Sampey: professional American football player
  • Jarvis Sampey: former professional American football player
  • Jackie Sampey: former professional American football player
  • Charity Sampey: American country music singer
  • Jeremy Sampey: former professional American football player
  • Jordan Sampey: professional MMA fighter
  • Susan Sampey: American child actress

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