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Surname Sandefur - Meaning and Origin

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Sandefur: What does the surname Sandefur mean?

Sandefur is an English surname. Its origins are believed to be from an anglicized form of the French surnames "Sans Defer," which translates to "without iron". It may have originated as a nickname or a professional surname for someone who worked with substances other than iron, such as a silversmith or goldsmith. Another theory is that it could be derived from the Old French "Saindoux" meaning "lard" or "bacon", and it might have been a nickname for a fat person or a title for someone who dealt with these food items. Like all surnames, the exact origins can vary and may be mixed, as names were often created for a large variety of reasons and adapted over time. However, these are the commonly accepted meanings related to the surname Sandefur. Regardless of origin, the surname came into use in the British Isles following the Norman invasion in 1066. It is worth noting that there might be other unrecognized theories regarding the origin of the surname Sandefur as well.

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Sandefur: Where does the name Sandefur come from?

The surname Sandefur is common in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, it is the 1,282nd most common surname. It is most popular in the southeastern U.S. The states with the highest percentage of Sandefurs are Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, with a total of 1,048 people bearing that name in those three states.

Sandefur is also fairly common in Canada, mostly in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta.

Outside of North America, Sandefur is common in Germany and the Netherlands. In Germany, the most popular regions are Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, lower Saxony, and Thuringia. In the Netherlands, the dominant Sandefur regions are West-Frisland, North-Brabant, and Overijssel.

Sandefur is an uncommon name internationally, but more common in North America and certain European regions. In any of these places, especially in the southeastern U.S., it is possible to meet someone with the surname Sandefur.

Variations of the surname Sandefur

The surname Sandefur has a variety of different variants, spellings, and surnames that are all related to the same origin. Common variants of the surname include Sandifer, Sandiffer, Standefer, Sandiver, Sandiferr, and Sandfoor.

The variations in spelling of this surname can be attributed to the time period during which documentation of this surname began, as names were documented by hand and often the recorder wrote the name as it sounded. For example, a recorder may have wrote the surname Sandifer because the speaker said something that sounded like "Sandifer" and the recorder was unaware of the correct spelling.

There are also patronymic variants of the surname that originated in the Scandinavian countries. For example, Sandefuur was a patronymic variant originating in Northern Germany. Sandeefuur was a common variant found in Estonia which suggested that the bearer was the son of Anders.

The surname can also be found under various spelling variations from the United Kingdom such as Sandifer, Sandefo, Sandiffe, and Sandiford. It is also related to the surnames Sanford and Sandford, which are derived from the same origin as Sandefur.

In conclusion, there are a number of variants, spellings, and surnames that are all related to the same origin as the surname Sandefur. These variants are attributed to the time period during which documentation of this surname began, as well as the regional dialects and languages of the areas that the surname was common in.

Famous people with the name Sandefur

  • Christopher Sandefur: an American lawyer, policy advocate, and author of books about the American legal system.
  • Justin Sandefur: a Managing Director at the Center for Global Development working on US budget and economic policy.
  • Gary L. Sandefur: an American sociologist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • David Sandefur: a volunteer attorney for Disability Law Colorado who specializes in health law, disability law, and civil rights issues,
  • Patricia Sandefur: a Senior Counsel for the Goldwater Institute and the Director of the Center for the Study of Law & Liberty at Samford University.
  • Kimberly Sandefur: a Business/Real Estate attorney and owner of Sandefur Law in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • Tom Sandefur: a former principal of the Full Sail University, a private university in Florida.
  • Rhawn Joseph Sandefur: an American philosopher and author of multiple books on fields such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, and history.
  • James E. Sandefur Jr.: an American diplomat and Senior Advisor for Conflict Prevention at the United States Institute of Peace which focuses on developing peaceful resolution to conflicts around the world.
  • Monique Sandefur: a former Deputy Commissioner for the Florida Department of Financial Services.

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Scott Sandefur - former Vice President, General Motors; Board Chair of Focus Hope

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