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Tracing Western European Heritage and Historical Evolution through my Surname 'Sanders': A Journey Unveiled by iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Sanders

The power of modern DNA testing has brought me an unexpected journey into the past. Unraveling the mysteries embedded within my ancestry, the iGENEA DNA test disclosed fascinating aspects about the origin and journey of my surname, Sanders. Transported back into eras defined by feudal societies, migrations, cultural upheavals, and new-world explorations, I have been able to trace the significant pathways of my forebears.

As I delved into the results of my iGENEA DNA test, I was struck by the fascinating history and cultural richness embedded in my lineage. The test presented an opportunity to reflect upon one's unique role in the tapestry of human history, and in my case, the Sanders legacy. The origin of my surname "Sanders," it turns out, is deeply intertwined with Western European history.

Deriving from the personal name "Sander," an abbreviation of "Alexander," my ancestral records reveal predominantly Western European roots. This name first surfaced in Scotland in the 14th-15th centuries, during an era defined by the lingering influence of Latin and ancient Greek cultures. The Sanders family originally belonged to an ancient feudal society, known for their elevated status and ties to the nobility. Through texts and records, I discovered that the earliest individuals carrying the Sanders name were distinguished individuals holding titles such as knight, lord, and baron.

The name migrated to English-speaking regions during the medieval period, where it was adorned by pioneers and power-players of that era. The addition of "son" to "Sander" to create the surname "Sanderson" in certain instances denotes the structured and literal nature of naming conventions.

Interestingly, my DNA test revealed that despite the British first appearance, the Sanders name has roots that reach back further into Continental Europe. The heritage seems Germanic or Scandinavian. Perhaps my ancestors were amongst the myriad of migrants who flocked to Britain during the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the subsequent disarray.

The journey of my surname is intertwined with key historical milestones, including the Protestant Reformation, the Netherlands' Golden Age, and eventually, the waves of European immigration to the United States. All along this journey, the holders of the Sanders name have been a part of creating new worlds and societies.

Learning about the rich tapestry of my ancestry through the iGENEA DNA test has deepened my understanding of myself and the world around me. Each of us, it seems, carries a testament to human endurance, migration, and cultural transformation in the simple letters of our surnames.

C. Sanders

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