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Surname Sandoval - Meaning and Origin

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W. Sandoval

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Sandoval: What does the surname Sandoval mean?

The surname Sandoval has Spanish origins. It is believed to be geographical and derived from a place called Sandoval in Burgos, a province in northern Spain. The name itself is said to have been derived from Latin words "Saltus", meaning a forest or a grove, and "Novalis", indicating newly cleared land. So, combined, Sandoval would suggest a location of 'new forest' or 'newly cleared land for a forest.' This popular surname was habitational, given to a person who lived in or near this region. It is common among Hispanic communities and can be found in significant numbers in Spain, Mexico, and other parts of Latin America.

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Sandoval: Where does the name Sandoval come from?

The last name Sandoval is a common surname in many parts of the world, including in Spain, southern Europe, Latin America, the United States, and the Philippines.

In Spain, it is a patronymic name derived from a pre-5th century Germanic given name, "sando," which means "from the sandy mountains." It is thought to have been popularized in the Middle Ages by the Visigothic people who invaded the Iberian Peninsula. Today, it is still a relatively common name in Spain, particularly in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, and Murcia.

In Latin America, the name Sandoval is thought to have originated in the 1700s in Central America. It is particularly common in Mexican-American communities in the United States and is also used among other Latin American countries, like Colombia, Guatemala, and Argentina. In the United States, it is one of the ten most popular Hispanic surnames and was ranked among the top 500 surnames, indicating its widespread use.

In the Philippines, the name Sandoval is also popular, although it is thought to have entered the country during the Spanish colonial era in the 16th century. It is the most popular name among the Tagalog-speaking regions of the country.

Overall, the last name Sandoval is a very common surname in many different parts of the world. It is most concentrated in Spain, Latin America, the United States, and the Philippines.

Variations of the surname Sandoval

The surname Sandoval is a Spanish and Latinized version of the surname "Sanfaval". It is mainly found in Central and South America. Variants of the surname Sandoval include Sanfavall, San Val, Sandoval, Sandovall, Sanjavall, Sanfauval, Sanfavalle, Sanfalval, and Sandovol.

In Spain, Sandoval is also used as a given name, and it has become a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries, from Mexico all the way to Argentina. Notable people with the surname Sandoval include Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui, French artist Nicolas de Stael, and US novelist Sandra Cisneros.

In many parts of Latin America, it is possible to find variations on the spelling of the name—for example, in Brazil, it is common to find Sandoval spelled as Sandwichal. In Spain, some spellings of Sanvaval can also be found.

Depending on the region, the Sandoval surname can also have other Spanish forms, such as Sanavalle, Sanfoval, Sanfalaba, and Sanfallaba. In some cases, the surname might even be spelled without the ‘n’, such as Saedoval. It is also possible to find variations related to the region, for example, the Basque language version or Sañaboa.

In terms of alternative surnames which have the same origin as Sandoval, they include Sanfilippo, Sandefeld, and Sanphillip. Additionally, some of the more common surnames which are related to Sandoval, and which are derived from the Latinized form, include Sandanville, Sanvell, Sanfillipo, and Sanfalvo.

Famous people with the name Sandoval

  • Pablo Sandoval, Professional Baseball Player
  • Bernardo Sandoval, Former Mexican President
  • Marlon Sandoval, Professional Esports Player
  • Claud Sandoval, Professional Volleyball Player
  • Miguel Sandoval, Actor
  • Natalie Sandoval, Painter and Cookbook Author
  • Boris Sandoval, Social Advocate and Activist
  • Alexis Sandoval, Former Miss Mexico
  • Diana Sandoval, Social Media Influencer
  • Janine Sandoval, Professional Chess Player

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