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Surname Santry - Meaning and Origin

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Santry: What does the surname Santry mean?

The last name Santry is an anglicised version of the Irish surname Mac an tSaoir, meaning "son of the craftsman" or "son of the carpenter." Historically, it was likely given to an individual who had a profession in relation to carpentry, woodworking, or crafting goods out of wood.

The surname has been recorded in Irish documents since the 16th century and is associated with places such as County Donegal, County Cork, County Galway, County Kildare, and County Tipperary. Although it is a fairly rare name, it is still commonly seen in the above-mentioned counties in Ireland.

In recent years, the surname has become more widespread, particularly in America and Canada. It is believed to have been carried by famine immigrants who left Ireland in the 1800s in search of new opportunities abroad. These immigrants then dispersed to different countries, taking the Santry name with them.

Overall, the last name Santry is derived from the Old Irish Mac an tSaoir, meaning "son of the craftsman" or "son of the carpenter," and indicates a profession related to carpentry or woodworking. It is associated with certain regions in Ireland and has been brought to different parts of the world since the 1800s, when famine immigrants left Ireland in search of new opportunities abroad.

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Santry: Where does the name Santry come from?

The surname Santry is primarily associated with Ireland and Ireland is the last known place where the surname occurs with any prevalence. It is most commonly found in the counties of Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim, Carlow, Roscommon, Donegal and Kilkenny. According to Irish records, the surname has been associated with the region since the mid-1600s.

Out of the 170,000 records on the Irish Times database, the same Santry name was found to have been recorded up to the 1940s. Though the numbers have since declined, the name does still exist throughout the country.

The surname has also spread to other parts of the world, with people descending from the same ancestors establishing families and giving their children the same surname as a mark of respect for their heritage. In the United States, the surname is primarily found in the states of Massachusetts, California, New York and New Jersey, while in the United Kingdom, it is found mainly in England, Scotland and Wales.

The name Santry has also ventured to other parts of the world such Australia, Canada, France, South Africa and even Brazil. Many of these people are descendants of original Irish immigrants who have kept the surname and passed it on through generations, ever since they first arrived on foreign shores.

Though the numbers might be small, the name is still present around the world today. This is a reminder of the long history of Irish migration and how the name Santry has been preserved over centuries.

Variations of the surname Santry

The surname Santry has a few variants in terms of spelling and other surnames of the same origin. One of the most common variants of the name Santry is Sansbury. Other variants of this name include Sontry, Santrey, Santrye, and Sentry.

The surname Santry is of English origin and is thought to derive from the Old French word "sans," meaning "without," and the Old English word "burh," meaning "fortress, stronghold or fortified town." Therefore, the surname Santry likely originated with someone who lived without a fortress or stronghold of their own.

Other surnames of the same origin as Santry include Sonter, Santer, Sauntry, Santry, and Sanct boot. Some variations of spellings include Santre, Santrey, Santree, and Santrie.

Other than spelling variants, Santry has been used as a first name. Some common variations of Santry as a first name include Santria, Santar, Santrea, and Santrell.

Ultimately, the surname Santry has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Although the variants are numerous, all are derived from the same source, meaning "without a fortress."

Famous people with the name Santry

  • Henry Santry: a former professional baseball player who played 13 seasons in the Major League from 1885–1897.
  • Jimmy Santry: an American actor, known for his role as Anthony in the film Wake in Fright (1971).
  • Adela Santry: a British novelist who wrote the popular 1927 novel The Boy Comes Home.
  • Blythe Santry: a contemporary British author known for her novels Exit Strategy (2015) and The Severed Land (2018).
  • Thomas Santry: an Irish soldier who was a recipient of the Victoria Cross.
  • Bob Santry: an American race car driver who participated in the Indianapolis 500 in 1933.
  • Thomas William Santry: an Irish barrister and politician who was a member of the Irish Senate.
  • Patrick J. Santry: an American politician and a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.
  • David Santry: a British theatre director and the founder of the Polish-British theatre company Cylinder Breaks.
  • Bob Santry Jr.: an American race car driver who competed in the 1974 Can-Am season.

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